Astronauts, Fireworks, Hippies & Butterflies, Oh My!: Every Look From the VS Fashion Show

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when our favorite extremely paid models get dressed down in all manner of glitz and glam to walk the runway not once but twice, then wait a few weeks to have their hotness edited into an hour-long production so they look even more hot and so that nobody falls. »11/11/15 10:30am11/11/15 10:30am

How to Have Sex While Dressed for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Enormous feathered wings, spiky headdresses, skintight black and white checkered adult jumpsuits, elaborate leather underwear — you'd think that with the way Victoria's Secret throws around the word "sexy," its marquee public event wouldn't present people wearing outfits that make it nearly impossible for the wearer… »11/15/13 11:40am11/15/13 11:40am

Victoria's Secret's Racist Garbage Is Just Asking for a Boycott

Last week, the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion show was held in New York, recorded to air on network television on December 4. During the show, model Karlie Kloss wore a Native American headdress. Outrage at the offensive costume was immediate; over the weekend, Victoria's Secret apologized and said the televised… »11/12/12 2:00pm11/12/12 2:00pm

Alessandra Ambrosio Didn't Tell Victoria's Secret She Was Pregnant Until After The Show

Alessandra Ambrosio says that she was worried she might not be able to do the Victoria's Secret show if the company knew she was eight weeks pregnant. "When I first found out I was pregnant I thought, 'Oh my gosh I don't think I'm going to be able to walk on the show,' and I didn't tell anybody so no one knew at the… »12/30/11 1:00pm12/30/11 1:00pm

Gloria Steinem Is Cool With The Victoria's Secret Show

Last night, Victoria's Secret taped its annual fashion show. There were 69 looks, including many with Swarovski crystals, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5 performed, and celebrities a-plenty sat front-row. Backstage before the show, Candice Swanepoel said reporters always ask Victoria's Secret models about their diets. "It's… »11/10/11 12:50pm11/10/11 12:50pm

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Is The Least Sexy Thing On Earth

You think you know what sexy is? You have no idea »11/17/08 2:30pm11/17/08 2:30pm what sexy is. Victoria's Secret will tell you what sexy is! And apparently sexy is...skanky lumberjacks. And skanky gladiators. And skanky Scarlett O'Haras. And skanky...bows. Oh yes, the images from Saturday evening's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Miami Beach's…