Have Fun with Your Silly 'Gun Control' vs. 'Mental Illness' Debate—the Real Cause of Sandy Hook Is SATANIC VAGINA

'Sup, sheeple! While you've all been binging on red herrings like "Maybe we should provide brain care for humans?" and "Maybe we shouldn't sell portable child-exterminators at Walmart?" the REAL Americans have been getting down to business. Lucky for our children's futures, the Mike Huckabee/Victoria Jackson Brain… »12/17/12 3:45pm12/17/12 3:45pm

Noted Homophobe Victoria Jackson Accosts Gay People on the Street

Former SNL star, current Tea Party member, and noted homophobe Victoria Jackson attended the Democratic National Convention last month armed with her video camera and American flags sticking out of her hair. Walking down the street past a group of gay activists, she says that she was approached by one of them after… »10/01/12 2:40am10/01/12 2:40am

Rihanna Goes Out Partying For A Change, Smashes Glass Table

Rihanna, God of Patron Shots and Cigarette Butts and Hangovers and General Chaos, almost got thrown out of a London nightclub after she supposedly jumped on a glass table, fell, smashed it and then started screaming "Don't you know who I am?" when the doorman started kicking her out (which undoubtedly sounds less dick… »9/01/12 11:30am9/01/12 11:30am