Victoria Hearst's Dumb Campaign to Blind Shoppers From Cosmo Worked

For the past several months, Victoria Hearst, the great-granddaughter of Hearst Corporation founder William Randolph Hearst, has been working with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to make sure issues of a magazine that helped make her family quite rich are appropriately blocked from the eyes of… »7/30/15 6:40pm7/30/15 6:40pm

Meet the Religious Heiress Waging an Anti-Cosmo Campaign

The Observer's Kat Stoeffel got some fantastic quotes from Victoria Hearst, daughter of former Hearst Corp. chairman Randolph A. Hearst and younger sister of Patty and Anne. Victoria is sponsoring a new online petition asking Hearst Magazines to, as Victoria tartly puts it, "have a moral compass and put [Cosmopolitan »6/13/12 5:20pm6/13/12 5:20pm