Stacey Dash on Rape Victims: They're Bad Girls Who Like to Be Naughty

It is hard to expect much of Outnumbered. It is also hard to expect much of Fox News, the channel on which Outnumbered airs. And yet a head shake still occurs when one hears an opinion like the one Stacey Dash shared during Friday's episode, when she stated that college women who are raped are "bad girls" who "go out… »1/30/15 2:45pm1/30/15 2:45pm

Kid Preaches that Women 'Deserve Rape,' Is Sad About Having No Friends

About a year ago, we covered the antics of Dean "Brother Dean" Saxton, a University of Arizona student who's styled himself a sort of one-boy Westboro Baptist Church. Saxton considers himself a "sign from God," and whiles away the hours preaching on campus about how whores "deserve rape," everyone should stop… »5/05/14 7:45pm5/05/14 7:45pm

People Are Victim-Blaming Hannah Anderson, and It’s Depressing as Hell

It’s hard to say what’s more disheartening about the way some people in the media — both social and regular old-person media — have been casting Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old kidnapping victim whose mother and brother were allegedly tortured and killed by James Lee DiMaggio before he took Anderson to a remote… »8/18/13 1:30pm8/18/13 1:30pm

Don't Want to Get Raped? Just Don't Drink, Says Hong Kong Official

Yo, women, I don't understand why we have to keep having this conversation. It's simple: If you don't want to have your life violently rearranged by the horror of rape, you just need to pre-rearrange everything in your life, severely limiting your movements and self-expression, so as to avoid ever letting your guard… »5/15/13 3:25pm5/15/13 3:25pm

Australian Radio Host Asks Sex Abuse Victim If It Was Somehow Her Fault

Earlier this week, Pleistocene-era radio broadcaster John Laws, the Rush Limbaugh-esque host of an Australian morning show, asked a caller who said that she'd been subjected to a nightmarish childhood of sexual abuse by five of her male family members (including her father and brother) if maybe all that abuse was… »3/21/13 10:25am3/21/13 10:25am

Domestic Violence Victims Asked For It By Dressing Like Sluts, Says Totally Smart Priest

As part of an ongoing campaign to convince everyone to quit being Catholic, an Italian priest used his annual Christmas message to expound on a very Christmasy topic he'd spent many years studying in Priest JuCo — domestic violence. And like most instances when a celibate male Catholic official comments on what women… »12/28/12 1:15pm12/28/12 1:15pm

Swaziland Issues a Collective Ban on Penis Tempting Mini-Skirts and Midriffs

As part of its ongoing effort to prevent rape and possibly reduce the country's distressingly high rate of HIV/AIDS infection, police in Swaziland have announced that they will aggressively investigate sex crimes and make sure that would-be rapists know that they will be severely punished for their transgressions.… »12/24/12 10:00am12/24/12 10:00am

Women Don't 'Fight Back' Against Harassment as Much as We Think We Do, and That's Just Fine

There's a pesky voice that pops up, without fail, any time a woman complains about street harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace or rape culture in general: "Well," it says, "did you scream for help/tell him to fuck off/punch him in the nads? Why not? Sounds like you didn't hate it that much." Or from men,… »11/09/12 2:10pm11/09/12 2:10pm

Who Could Have Prevented the Murder of Jill Meagher? (Hint: Not Jill Meagher)

This weekend, authorities in Australia announced they'd recovered the body of 29-year-old Irish expat Jill Meagher after the woman disappeared while walking home from a bar blocks away from her suburban Melbourne apartment. As the case captivated and horrified the country, more details emerged. Turns out, the man who… »10/01/12 6:00pm10/01/12 6:00pm

Influential Toronto Woman Dispenses Safety Advice: 'Don't Dress Like a Whore'

WTF is wrong with Toronto's first family? Shortly after police warned women about a series of local sexual assaults in a news conference, Krista Ford, daughter of Councilor Doug Ford and niece of Mayor Rob Ford, tweeted: "Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don't dress like a whore" along… »8/30/12 5:15pm8/30/12 5:15pm

Married Couple Propositions 13-Year-Old Girl For Sex, and Naturally, People Blame... The Girl

A couple in Gurnee, Illinois was arrested and charged with attempting to facilitate sex with a 13-year-old girl, which is completely messed up on its own. But the story becomes more of a symphony of WTF when you scroll on down past the article about the couple's arrest, into the comments, where everyone and their… »8/06/12 6:30pm8/06/12 6:30pm

'War on Women' as Fake as 'War on Caterpillars,' Says Totally Sober RNC Chairman

Today, in a moment that's bound to go down in Republican National Committee history as one of the most drunk-seeming sober moments of all time, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus dismissed the notion that the "war on women" is anything other than another myth perpetuated by Democrats. It's as fake as that other war everyone… »4/05/12 2:15pm4/05/12 2:15pm

The Top 29 Reasons Why It's Okay to Creepily Stare at Women's Butts

I've never held a particularly strident stance on the issue of men staring at women in public—sometimes it's fine, mostly it's creepy, and the difference hinges on a jillion subjective subtleties. Some women like it, plenty of women do it to men (irrelevant! Power differential!), and anyway, if we make having eyeballs… »3/27/12 2:00pm3/27/12 2:00pm

Once And For All, It's Time To Stop Blaming Rape On Women's Drinking

What is it about December that inspires mass breakouts of victim-blaming? Is it the darkness encroaching on our days? Is it the way the holidays make us all want to drink? Whatever it is, it's happening again. And just like last year's Never-Ending Naomi Wolf Incident, this one involves women hating on women in ways… »12/16/11 5:45pm12/16/11 5:45pm