Get Totally Ripped With Our Vice-Presidential Debate Workout Game For Ladies!

If you attempted to play our Presidential Debate Drinking Game for Ladies last week, you ended the 90-minute ordeal both sober and bewildered. Which is probably for the best — alcohol is bad for you and interferes with your ability to run sub-3 hour marathons or curl 25 pound dumbbells while wearing a jauntily… »10/11/12 6:15pm10/11/12 6:15pm

Debate Preview: 10 Things You Need To Know About Biden & Palin

Oh, did you hear? Sarah Palin will be in a debate tomorrow! Against, um, well, some guy. John? Jim? Oh, right, Joe Biden. With the relentless coverage of Palin's debate style and tactics from the media, you could be forgiven for forgetting that there will actually be someone else »10/01/08 5:00pm10/01/08 5:00pm on stage with her besides . The would…