Joe Biden Saves a Peripatetic Anecdote with a Crass Sex Joke About His Parents

Vice Prezzzzz Joe Biden has thrown some rhetorical zingers in the past and, while this may not be the best sex joke he's ever told, the very fact that it isn't the first and only is something to marvel at. America's come a long way since the Mayflower floundered ashore and spilled a bunch of queasy Puritans onto… »7/11/12 10:25pm7/11/12 10:25pm

Condoleezza Rice Will Not Run for Vice President No Matter How Much We Beg and Plead

Mitt Romney and all of his rich Republican friends got together this past weekend in Utah to pal around and talk about the things rich people talk about. (Horses, horses, horses!) At this gathering, Condoleezza Rice gave a speech that very much impressed all of the big wigs, and immediately everyone was desperate for… »6/26/12 9:00pm6/26/12 9:00pm

Mitt Romney Seeks an 'Incredibly Boring White Guy' to be His Vice President

When it comes to his campaign for president, Mitt Romney will be damned if he's going to make the same mistakes as John McCain before him. Instead, he's committed himself to making all new, totally original gaffes. As anyone who was alive in 2008 will remember, one of McCain's most stunning errors was selecting a… »5/14/12 9:05pm5/14/12 9:05pm

SNL: "I Believe Marriage Is Meant To Be A Sacred Institution Between Two Unwilling Teenagers"

I can't think of a better way to start the morning than to post the amazing SNL debate skit from last night. Tina Fey is scarily good, as always, and the lovely Queen Latifah gives a hilarious performance as befuddled moderator, Gwen Ifill, who tries desperately to make sense out of Sarah Palin's circle-talk. I… »10/05/08 10:15am10/05/08 10:15am

Hoo Yeah! Peggy Hill Wants To Be Your Next Vice President

With their matching bang/bun hairdos, square frames, and tendency to talk up their strengths while displaying their weaknesses, it's easy to see why people are comparing Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin with the best substitute Spanish teacher in Arlen, Texas, Mrs. Peggy Hill. But appearances aside, how similar… »10/04/08 1:40pm10/04/08 1:40pm

Todd Palin: Everything America Wants In A "First Dude"

With all the talk of moose hunting and unwed teen pregnancy in the week since McCain picked Sarah Palin as his VP, the media almost forgot to address the biggest question raised by having a woman on a major ticket — what would we call her husband if she became president?! Yesterday, before Todd Palin's first national… »9/05/08 5:40pm9/05/08 5:40pm