Woman's 40,000-Tape TV News Archive to Be Digitized For the World

From 1977 to 2012, Marion Stokes recorded television news. In those 35 years, she filled 40,000 tapes with decades of stories big and small, local and national. After her death three years ago, her family decided to donate the strange and culturally significant collection to the Internet Archive, but what then? How… »8/04/15 1:15pm8/04/15 1:15pm


A Look Back at When Studios Thought They Could Win the War on Piracy

Looking back, it sometimes seems a third of my childhood was spent sitting in front of the TV, rewinding and fast-forwarding VHS tapes. Often, this was just to skip over the FBI’s anti-piracy warning, which—to my baby mind—seemed to occupy more screen time than the movie I was trying to watch. In fact, “The FBI… »4/27/15 3:10pm4/27/15 3:10pm

Girl Finds Treasure In Richard Simmons Tape • Polar Bear Finally Moved Out Of Moat

• An 11-year-old girl in Hawaii found $1,000 hidden in a Richard Simmons tape »10/30/08 5:30pm10/30/08 5:30pm while she was browsing through videos at a thrift store, which she immediately gave to the store manager. • A six-foot tall Lego man has Brighton Beach in England. • South Korea's highest court an adultery law on Thursday that can send…