Lucy Coffey, the Oldest Living U.S. Woman Veteran, Dies at 108

» 3/20/15 7:00pm 3/20/15 7:00pm

Shoshana Johnson, First Black Female POW, Takes a Quiet Moment

Johnson, a member of the El Paso-based 507th Maintenance Company, was captured and shot during the US Iraq invasion on March 23, 2003. In this picture, taken three months later, the First United Christian Church in Los Angeles honors her. » 11/11/14 12:40pm 11/11/14 12:40pm

Your Evening Inspiration: Disabled Veterans Kicking All Sorts of Ass

The Wounded Warrior Amputee football team is made up of veterans who have lost limbs while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In November, the team faced off with another group of veterans for a no-holds-barred game. The catch? The other team was made up of non-disabled NFL veterans, not those who had served in the… » 12/10/13 8:30pm 12/10/13 8:30pm

Tammy Duckworth Does Not Suffer Phony Disabled Vets Gladly

An IRS contractor who has been using a minor, possibly non-existent injury from his prep school days 27 years ago to secure government contracts for his company was publicly shamed by Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) in such a magnificent way that it almost made his fraud worthwhile. » 6/27/13 9:52am 6/27/13 9:52am

Best Thing You'll See Today: Town Sponsors Amputee Veteran's Wedding

Marine Corporal Juan Dominguez, who lost both legs and his right arm in an explosion in 2010 while serving in Afghanistan, married the love of his life, Alexis, on April 27, 2013 in Temecula, California. People from the town celebrated Juan's service by gifting elements of the wedding to Juan and Alexis — including… » 5/15/13 11:05am 5/15/13 11:05am

New Bill Would Expand Fertility Coverage for Veterans

The Senate is currently considering a bill that would expand medical coverage for wounded vets to include in vitro fertilization. According to the AP, soldiers with pelvic or spinal cord injuries can have reproductive trouble once they return home and try to start (or augment) a family, and though the Department of… » 8/19/12 2:30pm 8/19/12 2:30pm

Pregnancy Complicates PTSD, Depression In Female Veterans

Women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan face a higher risk of mental illness during pregnancy. A study of 43,000 vets showed hormonal and physiological changes associated with pregnancy may bring out or worsen conditions like PTSD or depression. » 12/22/10 11:20am 12/22/10 11:20am

Daily Show's John Oliver To Marry Iraq War Veteran

Comedian John Oliver is engaged to Kate Norley, an Army medic who served in Iraq. "It's the most emasculating thing I could possibly do to go out with someone who has actually done something valuable with their life," says Oliver. » 10/05/10 9:51am 10/05/10 9:51am

"Foxy Knoxy" Defense Not Doing Well • World's "Oldest Mother" Reported…

Alleged murdererAmanda Knox isn't getting much help: her expert witness contradicted her co-defendant's expert witness, her co-defendant's lawyer has stopped showing up, and her sister arrived in court dressed in a red, white, and blue outfit with hot pants. • » 7/15/09 5:40pm 7/15/09 5:40pm

The Quieter Side Of Memorial Day

There are two things I know for certain about my grandfather: that he fought in the Battle of Okinawa in World War Two, and that his favorite movie was "The Day the Earth Stood Still." » 5/23/09 11:30am 5/23/09 11:30am

Great Warrior

A woman believed to be the last female World War I veteran, Gladys Powers » 8/29/08 1:40pm 8/29/08 1:40pm, has died in British Columbia at the age of 109. A tomboy, at 15 the British-born Powers lied about her age and joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, later moving to the RAF as a barracks waitress. Clearly an indomitable lady, Mrs. Powers…

Who To Hate More: The Morally Repugnant, or the Morally Bankrupt?

It is rare that I look at a lawsuit and think that personal injury lawyers make any contribution to society. From the lady that spilled McDonald's coffee on her punani to the ridiculous pantsless (now former) D.C. judge, most people have begun to roll their eyes at a certain type of lawyer and the clients that feed… » 11/01/07 12:30pm 11/01/07 12:30pm