Get ready to fall in love with Veronica Mars all over again

Veronica Mars was a teen sleuth whose superpower was storytelling. She was adroit at making up clever lies and crafting fake identities, but it was always in the service of piecing together the truth — which was another story she constructed. Now she's starring in a big crowd-funded movie, which turns out to be about… »3/14/14 2:20pm3/14/14 2:20pm

​Watch the First Two Minutes of the New "Veronica Mars" Movie

The Veronica Mars movie won't be released in theaters (and online!) until March 14, but the benevolent powers that be (lol Warner Bros.) have posted the first two minutes of the movie. It's basically a two-minute refresher of the premise, although it does discuss how she's grown out of the old vengeful Veronica:… »3/02/14 1:00pm3/02/14 1:00pm

First Trailer For The Veronica Mars Movie Is Here!

Rob Thomas — who I still picture as "Santana featuring Rob Thomas" Rob Thomas — and the primary cast of Veronica Mars appeared at Comic-Con to drop some tantalizing nuggets about the upcoming movie. Vulture reports that a trailer especially cut for the convention shows Veronica as a high-powered New York lawyer who… »7/20/13 12:30pm7/20/13 12:30pm

Upcoming (And Likely Bestseller) Paula Deen Cookbook Has Been Axed

I promise we will stop talking about this soonish, you guys. After "careful consideration" from Ballantine Books, the publication of Paula Deen's upcoming cookbook Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up — currently #1 in cookbooks and #18 overall on Amazon — has been cancelled, along with… »6/29/13 11:30am6/29/13 11:30am

Paula Deen Cruise, a.k.a. Titanic For Racists, Adds Additional Voyage

While Paula Deen's backers have been steadily jumping ship since she outed herself as an N-word-using, separate-bathroom-using, down-home deep-fried racist, others of her kind are flocking to support her. In fact, the annual Paula Deen Cruise has tacked on an additional voyage for summer 2014 thanks to high demand. »6/27/13 9:00am6/27/13 9:00am

Veronica Mars Starts Shooting Soon with (Almost) Entire Original Cast

Good news, everyone! The Veronica Mars Kickstarter project that started the questionable trend of affluent filmmakers asking people to both fund and pay full ticket prices to see their new movies will start shooting in a mere nine days. Even better news, everybody: basically all the cast members from the original… »6/09/13 1:30pm6/09/13 1:30pm