​Saudi Anchorwoman Appears Without Veil, Shitstorm Ensues

Last week, Saudi Arabian satellite TV channel Al Ekhbariya became the center of controversy when they featured an anchorwoman during a broadcast without a veil—supposedly the first time a female presenter has done so. While many decried the newscaster's appearance as a disgrace to tradition, others saw it as an… »8/04/14 4:40pm8/04/14 4:40pm


Canada Bans Muslim Women From Wearing Veils At Citizenship Ceremonies

There are already reports that France's "burqa ban" is inciting more harassment of Muslim women, and now it's giving other countries horrible ideas. Yesterday, the Canadian government announced that from now on Muslim women must take off or lift their veil when taking the oath of citizenship. We expected so much… »12/13/11 11:50am12/13/11 11:50am