I'm Vegan, and This Vegan Sellout Site Is Fucking Embarrassing

There's this awful website run by an idiot/swarm of idiots that lists people who used to be vegan and aren't now and is all "look at these ex-vegan sellouts!" in hopes of shaming those people into, uh, becoming vegan again? Because nothing says "we welcome you back with open arms!" like "you're a fucking asshole and… »7/03/13 1:40pm7/03/13 1:40pm

Wherein PETA Tries to Get Your Attention With Vegetarian Dick

Here's a horrifying (and probably NSFW) ad promoting veganism for dudes as a way to increase their sexual stamina, which works by turning their previously sad, shriveled flesh junk into massive, phallic produce. I mean, that seems to be the real takeaway, no? Hey guys, with a plant-based diet, you will be able to… »11/04/12 2:30pm11/04/12 2:30pm

Children's Book Teaches Kids That Hamburgers Are 'Violent and Sad'

Ruby Roth has written a book for children, Vegan Is Love, which was featured on Today this morning. Inside, there are illustrations of animals hugging. There are also drawings of dead animals strung up and bleeding. Roth says, "My goal is not to scare any child." Roth has a stepdaughter, Akira, who declares: "My… »4/20/12 12:00pm4/20/12 12:00pm

Couple Gets Life For Starving Baby, They Blame Vegan Diet

This week the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the conviction and life sentence of a couple whose six-week-old baby Crown Shakur died in 2004 from extreme malnourishment or starvation. During the trial, defense attorneys said the first-time parents were trying to follow a vegan lifestyle and didn't realize Crown was sick… »9/13/11 11:51pm9/13/11 11:51pm

Isaiah Washington Needs To Stick A Sock — Or Some Other Implement — In It

  • Isaiah Washington — for the love of God — please keep your mouth shut. The latest from everyone's favorite fired homophobe? That ABC lied when saying that he had gone to rehab since "there is no rehab for homophobia." (Thanks to Slut Machine for this awesome graphic.) [People]
  • New studies show that domestic cats are…
  • »6/28/07 7:10pm6/28/07 7:10pm