This Is the Only Reasonable Response to Beyoncé's Album

So while the world is still rejoicing/recovering from the bomb Beyoncé just dropped on us, things appear to be suspiciously normal in Beyoncé's world. She (and presumably Jay-Z) is still on the vegan train, posting a photo of some vegan cupcakes on her Instagram. But this apparently was too much for one fan to handle: »12/13/13 11:50am12/13/13 11:50am

Vegan Queen Isa Chandra Moskowitz Cooks Up Best Food Show of Our Time

You know how you love delicious food and you want to eat all of it but maybe you don't know how to make it? The producers of Mind Of A Chef and No Reservations teamed up with vegan cookbook star Isa Chandra Moskowitz (who pens a cooking column for Bust!) to create a ten episode cooking show that literally has me… »10/16/13 9:00pm10/16/13 9:00pm

Vegan Wine & Kale Bouquets: How to Have the Most Eye-Roll Worthy Wedding Ever

Weddings are a celebration of love between two people and offer the rest of us to be super cunty about the way the couple went about it. Case in point: Matt and Amber, real-life newlyweds who recently shared the details of their nuptials on the Internet. Got your beach umbrellas ready? It's time to throw some shade. »12/28/12 5:30pm12/28/12 5:30pm

How to Make Your Very Own Delicious Thanksgiving Unturkey

I don't give a shit what anyone says, Thanksgiving is about mashed potatoes. And maybe pumpkin pie, if you're stretching it. But turkey? It takes time, it's easy to screw up, it can be stringy and bone dry, and even the best bird just tastes like...turkey. Which is not always a good thing. Or, you know, you just don't… »11/21/12 11:15am11/21/12 11:15am

Vegan Group Stupidly Demands Obama to Stop Eating Delicious Food in Public

We should never let a moment pass in which we're not scrutinizing something the President is doing, so thankfully the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has just stepped forward to publicly declare that they'd like Obama to watch what he eats when he's in front of the camera. Ulka Agarwal, chief… »5/11/12 10:20am5/11/12 10:20am

Children's Book Teaches Kids That Hamburgers Are 'Violent and Sad'

Ruby Roth has written a book for children, Vegan Is Love, which was featured on Today this morning. Inside, there are illustrations of animals hugging. There are also drawings of dead animals strung up and bleeding. Roth says, "My goal is not to scare any child." Roth has a stepdaughter, Akira, who declares: "My… »4/20/12 12:00pm4/20/12 12:00pm

Now You Can Get Your Starbucks Drinks Without All the Extra Insects

First Starbucks switched to cochineal extract, a food coloring made from ground up bugs, to satisfy the demands of people wanting more natural products used in their food. Then the vegans found out the company had opted for insects and freaked out. So now Starbucks has announced it has abandoned the bug juice and will… »4/19/12 9:15pm4/19/12 9:15pm

Worth It: Melty, Gooey Cheese For The Lactose Intolerant

Much unlike many a magazine editor who recommends you buy all sorts of crap that they most likely got for free, your Jezebel staff doesn't get jack shit (other than books, unsolicited). And that's how it should be. But on our own time, in our personal lives, we still buy stuff. So this is Worth It, our daily… »11/25/11 10:30am11/25/11 10:30am

Meet Tofu Boy, China's Answer To SpongeBob Squarepants

Quick, name an animated Chinese movie for kids! No answer? Exactly. Chinese animators have long remained in the shadows of Japanese anime and gigantic American companies like Disney and Pixar. But Variety reports that the Dean of Beijing's Film Academy, Sun Lijun, is hoping to put Chinese animation on the map with … »10/18/11 4:45pm10/18/11 4:45pm

Couple Gets Life For Starving Baby, They Blame Vegan Diet

This week the Georgia Supreme Court upheld the conviction and life sentence of a couple whose six-week-old baby Crown Shakur died in 2004 from extreme malnourishment or starvation. During the trial, defense attorneys said the first-time parents were trying to follow a vegan lifestyle and didn't realize Crown was sick… »9/13/11 11:51pm9/13/11 11:51pm