Wait, Ashton Kutcher Is Seriously Going to Play Steve Jobs?

When this news first broke, people assumed it had to be an April Fool's joke, because that is how much of a stretch it is. But, alas, it appears to be legit. Variety is reporting that Ashton Kutcher has signed on to play Steve Jobs in a new movie called Jobs. You can see how Kutcher could look like Jobs, with the… » 4/01/12 8:45pm 4/01/12 8:45pm

Actress Takes Out Full Page Ad to Report That a Movie Somehow Raped Her

Actress Kim Novak once made a name for herself freaking out onscreen in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. These days, she's making a name for herself freaking out in the pages of Variety and claiming that a recent movie that used part of the score from the classic thriller has literally raped her. A movie. Literally. Raped.… » 1/11/12 2:35pm 1/11/12 2:35pm

Variety Honors, Offends Women in Entertainment

In the world of film, as in life, women often don't get the recognition they deserve. So we were excited to read Variety's Women's Impact Report '08, the entertainment trade publication's 11th annual list of the 50 female "movers and shakers" in entertainment. This year the ladies of The View, Diablo Cody, and Erykah… » 8/01/08 2:30pm 8/01/08 2:30pm

Mischa Barton Signs Up For 'Marissa Goes To Moscow'

*Inspired by Shirley MacLaine's assertion that the best parts for actresses fall into one of the above categories. » 6/06/07 12:43pm 6/06/07 12:43pm

Hot off (well "hot off") her role as troubled teen Marissa on pop-music heavy , Mischa Barton has just signed up to play another alienated young music-loving lass, . The Barfton (uh, we just made that up…