The 2013 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year: "Selfie"

The penultimate authority of the English language (Urban Dictionary will always be number one) has spoken! Let it be known henceforth that in this 2013th year in the Gregorian calendar, the global zeitgeist was encapsulated in the word "selfie." Pretty much exactly what one would expect a team of ivory tower… » 11/19/13 10:20am 11/19/13 10:20am

I Can't Stop Looking at These South Korean Women Who've Had Plastic…

There's a full-length mirror and a scale on every single floor of the all-girls high school where Julia Lurie works. She's an American teaching English in South Korea, the country with the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery in the world. One in five women in Seoul have undergone some kind of procedure. Most… » 1/16/13 6:00pm 1/16/13 6:00pm

The Media Flips Out at the Idea of Mirror Fasting

There's a new trend that has been gathering steam these past few weeks and it seems to have the image-obsessed media completely terrified. A handful of women have begun to engage in mirror fasting, an idea pioneered by bloggers such as Kjerstin Gruys and Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, in which you give up looking in… » 8/27/12 3:10pm 8/27/12 3:10pm

Jackie O's Perfectly-Designed Camelot Was Also Full Of Uppers

Although it's common knowledge at this point that John Kennedy. schtupped everything that moved, this month's Vanity Fair insists on perpetuating the Camelot fantasy of squeaky clean Kennedy imagery. Though painting Jack as the ideal family man is dishonest at best, the constant reverence given to Jackie galls me no… » 10/16/07 6:00pm 10/16/07 6:00pm