Vanderbilt Athletes Convicted of Rape Released on Bond After Mistrial

Two Vanderbilt University football players convicted of rape were released on bond Wednesday after the judge granted a mistrial in their case. Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey will be allowed to stay out of jail while they wait to hear when they will be re-tried. Vandenburg’s attorneys told local media he’d be… »6/24/15 4:50pm6/24/15 4:50pm

Vanderbilt Faces $20 Million Lawsuit for Mishandling Sexual Harassment

Because it is another day in America, an esteemed institution of higher learning faces a federal lawsuit for handling sexual harassment abysmally. In this particular case, a former Vanderbilt graduate student alleges that she was sexually harassed by a supervisor and roundly ignored and discriminated against by… »7/17/14 2:30pm7/17/14 2:30pm

Tennessee's 'Secret Rape' Law Is Just as Stupid as it Sounds

Police in Tennessee have proposed a law that could make all details of rape cases — even the fact that a rape was committed in the first place — secret until the trial of the accused. Great news for police stations who can avoid being egged in the face by critical press; bad news for women who, you know, might want to… »2/17/14 3:15pm2/17/14 3:15pm

Vanderbilt Students File Federal Complaint Over Handling of Rape Cases

In the wake of June's dramatic rape case involving four members of the Vanderbilt football team, a group of six current and former Vanderbilt students filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights under the U.S. Department of Education Thursday arguing that the university hasn't responded to sexual assault on… »11/15/13 10:50am11/15/13 10:50am

Another Vanderbilt Player Indicted for Alleged Role in Campus Rape

The news out of Nashville about the former Vanderbilt football players accused of raping an unconscious woman on campus keeps getting more horrible: a fifth player has been indicted for his role in the sexual assault. The silver lining in all of this? Vanderbilt seems to be taking this incident quite seriously. »8/18/13 3:30pm8/18/13 3:30pm

Four Former Vanderbilt Football Players Now Being Charged with Rape

The sexual assault investigation that led to the dismissal of four Vanderbilt football players has taken a decisive turn down the criminal justice thoroughfares with news Friday that the players have been officially charged with the rape of an unconscious Vanderbilt student in a dorm room. Metro police have thus far… »8/11/13 12:30pm8/11/13 12:30pm

College Football Team Facing Sex Crime Charges has ‘Great Chemistry’

Less than a month ago, four players on Vanderbilt's football team were dismissed amid an investigation into alleged sex crimes. And during a press conference yesterday, reflecting an appropriate air of solemnity, players had great things to say about the team's chemistry, and that they hoped that in the future… »7/19/13 11:10am7/19/13 11:10am

4 Vanderbilt Football Players Dismissed Amid Sex Crimes Investigation

Four Vanderbilt University football players have been dismissed from their team and suspended from school; this came a day after an announcement from the university that Nashville Metro police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred in a campus dorm on Wednesday. Both police officials and the… »7/01/13 4:00pm7/01/13 4:00pm

Vanderbilt Football Coach Brags About Only Hiring Assistants Who Have Super Hot Wives

Vanderbilt University's head football coach is in hot water for telling a radio host that when he looks to hire assistants, he first looks at their wives, you know, to make sure they're "Division 1 material." I had an inkling that Vandy's decision to hire the pervy kid brother from a John Hughes movie would backfire. »5/31/12 5:45pm5/31/12 5:45pm