The Many Delusions Of Playboy CEO Christie Hefner

Christie Hefner, the current CEO of Playboy Enterprises, is hardly a shrinking violet. But, sometimes, even the best CEO can use a little media training. In a series of new videos for the site Big Think, she spouts off about the Playboy brand, her father's sense of perspective and the future of online porn that made… »12/09/08 4:40pm12/09/08 4:40pm

How Leveraging Your Date Rape Skills Can Make You A Tech Billionaire: The Inspiring Story Of Henry T. Nicholas III

Oh. My. God. Okay: Henry T. Nicholas III is the former CEO of Broadcom. Broadcom makes chips that run your cable boxes and cell phones and modems and crap, but that is so beside the point here. (Well, there is this theory that porn drives all communications and media innovation, but let's cut to the chase.) In the… »6/06/08 1:00pm6/06/08 1:00pm

Kathy Griffin Talks About Billionaire Ex-BF Steve Wozniak On Today

Kathy Griffin talked to Al Roker (and gave him a lap dance) on Today this morning, to promote her upcoming season of My Life on the D List. One of the 10 new episodes will feature a staged date with Britney Spears' ex-paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Kathy's ex-BF, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, will also appear on the… »6/05/08 11:00am6/05/08 11:00am

Everything I Needed To Know About The American Economy I Learned At American Apparel

A story in Saturday's Wall Street Journal offers something of a preamble to the final chapter of the American Apparel narrative. There are companies that are more interesting and innovative than American Apparel, but none that captures the entire story of the American Economy, What The Fuck Happened Dept. so quickly… »4/14/08 1:40pm4/14/08 1:40pm

Google Billionaire's Wife Sat On Jezebel Editor's Couch And Jezebel Editor Was Too Drunk To Notice

No doubt this post will inspire grief because it breaks an unspoken rule: speak no ill of a former Jezebel writer. But it is a good yarn — well, more to the point, it is NOT — and it speaks to one of the reasons Jezebel will improve so greatly under the corporate embrace of Conde Nast. Read on, and pity the fool. A… »4/01/08 5:00pm4/01/08 5:00pm

Disney Resorts Wants More Visits From Perverts, Chronic Masturbators

What's that banner ad getting the way of your Kristin Davis porn? Oh look, it's for Disney Resorts. Maybe you should take the kids this year! Anyway, this screenshot, and many more if you click, come to us courtesy the investigative journalism of the DrunkenStepfather, who found them surfing the putrid site Egotastic… »3/27/08 2:20pm3/27/08 2:20pm