Behold: Astounding Camo and Hot Pink Gowns at Mama June's Wedding

Wedding themes, like prom themes (This Magic Moment, A Night to Remember, Magic Carpet Ride, etc.), usually fall into just a few categories. You don't see too much required camo/hot pink dress codes like the one at Sugar Bear and Mama June Shannon's wedding. It took place in their McIntyre, Georga backyard, with… »5/06/13 9:00am5/06/13 9:00am

Valerie Harper Amazingly Optimistic About Incurable Cancer: 'I'm Not Dying Until I Do'

Actress Valerie Harper — who recently revealed that she has incurable brain cancer — spoke with Today's Savannah Guthrie (while also battling laryngitis) and exhibited an astonishing amount of calm and positivity. Harper, who was such a hit on The Mary Tyler Moore Show that she had her own spinoff, Rhoda, from 1974 to… »3/11/13 10:50am3/11/13 10:50am