This Is the Only Acceptable Valentine to Give Out This Year

If you've already bought a box of valentines to give out to your friends, dump it in the trash and set the entire thing on fire, because there's only one type of valentine that's okay to hand to your special chum this year and it's the one that has a picture of Katy Perry's dancing shark on it. All other cards exit to… »2/05/15 11:45pm2/05/15 11:45pm


Search For Civil War Artifacts Turns Up Soldier's Sad Valentine

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, several states have launched campaigns to have people bring their family artifacts to museums to be scanned. Archivists from the Library of Virginia have been traveling around the state, cataloging objects that tell stories about the people who are often… »12/28/11 4:10pm12/28/11 4:10pm