The Newest NYC Housewife Is A Vajazzler

Ramona may have had one too many Pinot Grigios the other night, because she let slip to Us that Cindy Barshop—owner of the hair-removal chain Completely Bare—will be joining the cast of RHONY for its fourth season. » 10/01/10 2:32pm 10/01/10 2:32pm

Vatooing Your Vagina: A How-To Video

Maybe you've heard of "vatooing." This video claims that it's "literally a tattoo for your vagina." Except it's not. It's body paint for the upper-pubic area that stays on for seven days—as long as you "avoid friction." » 8/19/10 2:31pm 8/19/10 2:31pm

Clitter: For Sparkly Vaginas On A Budget

Celebrities love Vajazzling, but gluing diamonds on your lady bits is expensive... until now. With Clitter your vagina can glisten for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it "may result in sparkle babies," i.e. your very own RPatz! [Coco Perez] » 5/10/10 6:30pm 5/10/10 6:30pm