Don’t Be Afraid of the Big, Bad Law: Vaccinate Your Damn Kids

Clad in yoga pants sipping all-natural GMO-free lattes, we think ourselves beyond making primitive decisions based on fear. But out of the jungle and into bigger villages, with smoke signals cleverly disguised as iPhones, we’re still a species letting fear-based decisions severely fuck up our lives. »7/16/15 2:44pm7/16/15 2:44pm

You Did It, Jim Carrey: US Confirms First Measles Death In Over a Decade

Fans of Jim Carrey, his ex Jenny McCarthy, and any other anti-vaxxer out there will be pleased to learn that their efforts to keep children safe has paid off. While these fearless warriors were out there protesting California’s mandatory vaccination law, a woman quietly died of measles. But you know, it was probably… »7/03/15 12:30pm7/03/15 12:30pm

More Serious Issues Public Health Expert Jim Carrey Should Weigh In On 

This great country of ours is in the midst of a very contentious debate about whether vaccines are necessary (yes, God dammit, yes), a debate in which America’s greatest celebrity minds have added their voices. Last night, actor Jim Carrey really went for it. Good Lord, did he go for it. After his mini-tirade on the… »7/01/15 10:30am7/01/15 10:30am

Fox News Guest: Mandating Vaccines Could Lead To 'Forced Abortion'

Where would we be without Fox's incessant, nonsensical asides on the dangers of big government and abortion? On Saturday, Hedge fund founder Jonathan Hoenig appeared on Fox News to discuss mandatory vaccines and wound up, unsurprisingly, at abortion. "Think about where this could lead if government gets involved in… »2/08/15 4:30pm2/08/15 4:30pm

GOP Senator: Forcing Food Service Workers to Wash Hands Is Un-American

Somehow—how, Lord, how—we're in the midst of yet another debate about mandatory vaccination, even as Disneyland-born measles crawls across seven states. Clearly, now's also the time for Republicans to show how much they hate oppressive Big Government rules—like vaccines, of course, or forcing people who handle your… »2/03/15 5:30pm2/03/15 5:30pm

Dammit, Stop Using the Amish as an Excuse Not to Vaccinate Your Kids 

Against all logic, reason and every shred of credible scientific evidence, the "don't vaccinate your kids" brigade is still at it. (Thanks for the resurgence of whooping cough and polio, guys!) The latest pawn in their apparent bid to kill everyone from easily preventable diseases: the Amish, courtesty of yet another… »1/06/15 12:00pm1/06/15 12:00pm

Rich People in Hollywood Aren't Vaccinating Their Children

It's hard to believe that in the year 2014 we are still debating what most scientists believe to be fairly straightforward, research-proved facts. Yet, that is exactly the name of the game when it comes to critics of child vaccinations. While Jenny McCarthy was an excellent and deserving scapegoat for awhile, we can… »9/10/14 6:15pm9/10/14 6:15pm