No Shit: Disneyland Measles Outbreak Linked to Anti-Vaxxers

Disneyland has spent the last few months battling a measles outbreak, which scientists have now linked to—wait for it—low vaccination rates. Huh. It's almost as if diseases that we essentially eradicated will return if children aren't goddamn vaccinated. » 3/16/15 2:50pm 3/16/15 2:50pm

'Nothing Short of Attempted Murder': A Brief History of Anti-Vaxxers

There are virtually no photographs of twenty-first century American children covered with measles. The disease, as well as the sight of it, is something we have banished to the past: the stuff of medical archives and undeveloped foreign countries. Consequently, the photos and stock images that illustrate the news… » 2/10/15 12:30pm 2/10/15 12:30pm

Hey, Get A Load Of This Evil Doctor

The Washington Post has a profile today of Dr. Jack Wolfson, an Arizona cardiologist and holistic medicine, uh, doer or whatever, who's made something of a name for himself by providing a flimsy, fraudulent rime of expertish cover to the reprehensible, morally criminal anti-vaccination crowd in the U.S. It's really… » 1/30/15 3:45pm 1/30/15 3:45pm

Rich People in Hollywood Aren't Vaccinating Their Children

It's hard to believe that in the year 2014 we are still debating what most scientists believe to be fairly straightforward, research-proved facts. Yet, that is exactly the name of the game when it comes to critics of child vaccinations. While Jenny McCarthy was an excellent and deserving scapegoat for awhile, we can… » 9/10/14 6:15pm 9/10/14 6:15pm

NYC Court: Schools Can Bar Unvaccinated Children From Attending School

A Brooklyn Federal District Court judge has ruled that even in the event of a religious exemption, New York City public schools can prohibit unvaccinated children from attending school if another student has a vaccine preventable illness. » 6/24/14 5:45pm 6/24/14 5:45pm

The California Whooping Cough Epidemic Is Getting Worse

We're halfway through 2014 and there have been more than 3400 whooping cough cases reported in California during that period of time. This is way more than in 2013, when the epidemic started. And yes, you can thank anti-vaxxers for that. » 6/16/14 3:20pm 6/16/14 3:20pm

Girls-Only Vaccine Could Be Best Weapon Against HPV

A new study argues that vaccinating boys against HPV isn't the best use of resources, since vaccinating more girls will actually lead to a greater reduction in overall infections. However, there are also political implications to consider. » 12/21/11 1:00pm 12/21/11 1:00pm

California Bill Would Allow Vaccines For All STDs Without Parental…

A bill passed by the California legislature this month would allow clinicians to vaccinate kids against HPV without their parents consent — and it could apply to other STDs too. » 9/26/11 4:05pm 9/26/11 4:05pm

Russian Model Is Modern Mata Hari • Palin: Obama "Promoting Shameful…

• Ekaterina Gerasimova is supposedly a latter day Russian Mata Hari. Political figures claim that she has been trusted with the mission of ruining their reputations by luring them into compromising situations with sex and drugs. » 4/28/10 5:20pm 4/28/10 5:20pm

Gardasil For Boys: Not Likely

The FDA may not approve Gardasil for boys because it is not cost effective. "If coverage in girls ends up being low, then vaccinating boys became much more attractive," said researcher Jane Kim. [Reuters] » 10/09/09 6:30pm 10/09/09 6:30pm