50 Cent Responds to Aziz Ansari's Claim He's Never Heard of Grapefruit

OH, HELLO, REASON WORDS WERE INVENTED. It's just my favorite story of all of life. As you may or may not know, Aziz Ansari famously tells a story in which he sat near 50 Cent in a restaurant and the rapper didn't know what a grapefruit was. After a long, long silence, the rapper has finally SPOKEN OUT TO CLEAR HIS… »6/03/14 8:00pm6/03/14 8:00pm

The Women in Donald Sterling's Life Ended Up Ruining Him

Sources say that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling will let his wife Shelly negotiate the sale of their team. But newly released details reveal that if Shelly hadn't found out about Sterling's very public relationship with V. Stiviano, Sterling might still be sitting in his court side seat, watching his team… »5/23/14 6:17pm5/23/14 6:17pm

Your Biracial Girlfriend Won't Cure Your Horrible Racism

This weekend, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape telling his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano that she shouldn't publicly associate with "minorities" because it's unbecoming. While Sterling had a problem with his girlfriend publicly associating with minorities, he certainly had no problem… »4/28/14 1:30pm4/28/14 1:30pm