We've Bred a Race of Super UTI Bacteria That Could Leave Us in a World of Hurt

Brace your bladders, ladies. It appears that the bacteria E. coli, which is so fond of invading our sensitive lady urethras on a regular basis and wreaking all kinds of painful havoc up in our tracts, is growing smarter and learning to overcome our best defenses. A new study of over 12 million bacteria found that E.… »5/01/12 9:30am5/01/12 9:30am

Snooki's Bacteria-Laden Urethra Is the Eighth Roommate

Snooki's urinary tract health has turned out to be a major story arc this season of Jersey Shore, with the complications and treatment of her UTI spanning over several episodes (and even crossing over to Bravo). She's become an unlikely face for UTI awareness. Perhaps she can add antibiotics to her growing empire of… »2/17/12 2:40pm2/17/12 2:40pm

In The Fight Against UTIs, Cranberry Juice Is All You've Got

If you're interested in warding off urinary tract infections you should learn to love cranberry juice, because scientists won't be coming out with a pill version anytime soon. Proanthocyanidins or PACs, a group of flavonoids found in cranberries, were thought to be what makes the juice effective at fighting… »10/31/11 10:55am10/31/11 10:55am