The Ruthless Kiss-and-Tell World of College Hookup Websites

Thanks to humankind's fondness for both talking and humping, we've been gossiping about sex from the moment we were socially able to do so. But — as we know — the internet changes everything, including campus culture, where gossiping about sex has become a dedicated online pastime. Judging by the rising popularity of… »4/02/13 1:50pm4/02/13 1:50pm

Meet Jenna Goldsmith, The New Bitch In Teen Vogue's Intern Closet

In Wednesday's Midweek Madness, we relayed the Star item about Whitney Port is getting kicked off of The Hills. A source says Whit doesn't know it yet, but they've already started shooting scenes with her replacement. What we left out is the alleged scab's name: Jenna Goldsmith. According to her Teen Vogue blog,… »11/27/07 6:30pm11/27/07 6:30pm