Moms — Just Like US? Alpha Moms Start A TV Channel, Play Ninetendo Wii Edition

You might have gathered that we are conflicted about parenting. Whatever our awe-inspiring productivity might suggest bloggers are not cyborgs of snark; we are humans, who were parented once, and who occasionally eat peanut butter straight from the jar, just like you would if you had a job that never actually… » 3/27/07 6:19pm 3/27/07 6:19pm

According To A Leading Celebrity Matchmaker, Only Black Men Date Crackheads

And the award for the most flagrant expenditure of newspaper interactive graphics department time goes to USA Today for Dating Game wherein you can click on one celeb bachelorette, click on a celeb bachelor, and hear what self-professed "high end discreet" Matchmaker, Publicity Queen and Master Observer Of The Human… » 3/12/07 2:44pm 3/12/07 2:44pm