Report: There Is Zero Medical Reason to Ban Trans Military Personnel

Currently, the U.S. military bans trans service members, forcing many to choose between hiding or leaving. But according to a newly released report, there is zero medical reason for the prohibition, and enforcing it is pricy and unfair. Not to mention, uh, bullshit. » 3/13/14 3:30pm 3/13/14 3:30pm

American Troops Stage Drag Show, Complete With Whitney Houston Cover

Here's a nice window into the post-DADT American military: gay, lesbian and straight service members recently staged a drag show on Okinawa's Kadena Air Base. A few years ago, they might've faced disciplinary action or even been booted from the military; instead, they got a friendly writeup in Stars and Stripes, the… » 3/03/14 4:30pm 3/03/14 4:30pm

Women Sue West Point and Naval Academy for Being Awful to Rape Victims

Just days after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the military would actually start punishing sexual assault rather than covering it up by gaslighting alleged victims with psychiatric diagnoses, two women who claim that they were raped while attending U.S. service academies sued military officials Friday… » 4/21/12 4:30pm 4/21/12 4:30pm