Lime Crime Founder Claims Their Website Is Safe, Shuts Down Her 'Bullies'

In February, beauty brand Lime Crime’s website was hacked and customer financial information was compromised. Customers alleged that the company response to the breach was less than swift, pinning the blame on Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. Then, in July, the company received further attention for a warning letter the… »10/23/15 4:10pm10/23/15 4:10pm

ADL To Urban Outfitters: Enough With The Holocaust Inspo 

In the latest of a string of controversies for the Kristen Cavallari of lifestyle brands ("Ugh, I hate all this drama!" moans URBN INC, with a glint in its eye), Urban Outfitters is being urged by the Anti-Defamation League to remove a tapestry resembling the uniforms gay male prisoners wore in Nazi concentration… »2/11/15 10:10am2/11/15 10:10am

The Monsters at Teva Are Encouraging You to Wear Socks With Sandals

Red alert, red alert: The fugly shoe trend has gone too far and it must be neutralized immediately. In a horrifying development, Teva has decided to make an asset of its association with hippie nerds and is now actively encouraging people to combine socks and sandals. Evacuate sectors five through eight; I've got… »10/14/14 6:30pm10/14/14 6:30pm

Goldman Sachs Is Confused, Turned Off By Urban Outfitters' Denim Tutu

A hilarious Goldman Sachs analysis of the outlook for hip youth clothing (and sometimes bedbug :( ) purveyor Urban Outfitters revealed some concerning negative indicators for potential investors in the store's parent company. Namely: denim tutus. Denim tutus! Have you ever heard as a thing as crazy as a denim tutu? »12/18/13 4:00pm12/18/13 4:00pm