Urban Outfitters Sure Does Sell a Lot of Products With Toxic Lead

An eagle-eyed tipster wrote an email to us with the subject line: "Urban Outfitters belt composition: leather, mixed metal, nickel... lead." The lede image is the screenshot she sent us. This is surprising, because last time I checked, lead was toxic. » 3/17/14 5:00pm 3/17/14 5:00pm

Goldman Sachs Is Confused, Turned Off By Urban Outfitters' Denim Tutu

A hilarious Goldman Sachs analysis of the outlook for hip youth clothing (and sometimes bedbug :( ) purveyor Urban Outfitters revealed some concerning negative indicators for potential investors in the store's parent company. Namely: denim tutus. Denim tutus! Have you ever heard as a thing as crazy as a denim tutu? » 12/18/13 4:00pm 12/18/13 4:00pm

Urban Outfitters, Ever Insensitive, Pulls Offensive Ganesh Socks

Hey, Urban Outfitters, I feel like it's been a while since we last caught up. What's new with you? Hybrid overall-tutus, you say? That's cool. What else — have you gotten into any new culturally insensitive exploits lately? Oh, you have? Of course. Classic Urb-Outf. » 12/17/13 3:30pm 12/17/13 3:30pm

Many Clothing Stores Have Zilch for the Average American Woman

Unless you regularly shop for plus-size clothing, you may not realize how fucking hard it is to find plus-size clothing in stores. This is a big deal, since time and time again, we hear that the average American woman wears a 14 or 16. The size at which "plus" begins. » 6/24/13 5:40pm 6/24/13 5:40pm

Williamsburg's New Urban Outfitters Will Offer Upscale Food From Hell

The new Urban Outfitters opening up in Williamsburg will include a restaurant and bar, so that every tribal-clad undergrad can realize his or her dream of perusing "Navajo" panties while also eating overpriced (but surely seasonal) vegetables. Don't stain your "Fly Girl" crop top! » 5/17/13 1:30pm 5/17/13 1:30pm

Urban Outfitters Incites the Wrath of Mothers with New Back-to-School…

Urban Outfitters is pissing off more beleaguered parents with a line of girls' t-shirts that feature pithy drinking slogans such as "I Vote for Vodka" (which obviously has some Communist overtones, but let's just ignore that for right now), "I Drink You're Cute" and the faithfully cringe-inducing "Misery Loves Alcohol."… » 8/29/12 1:35pm 8/29/12 1:35pm

Urban Outfitters Really Doesn't Want You to Know About Its Bed Bug…

Want a free bed bug with your Urban Outfitters Navajo panties? Probably not. But if you shop at one Urban Outfitters in downtown Manhattan, you might not have a choice; the store has been dealing with the parasitic insects for months and refuses to take the issue seriously, even though two employees have confirmed… » 7/31/12 2:00pm 7/31/12 2:00pm

Urban Outfitters, the Go-To Retailer for All Your Romney Campaign Gear

This election cycle, Urban Outfitters is selling a variety of ("ironic") Mitt Romney t-shirts, in case you feel the need to broadcast your affinity for the MittBott3000 and his policies with a screen-printed rebus of an oven mitt. The chain also offers a couple Ron Paul styles ("Legalize Everything" — except abortion!) and … » 6/01/12 12:40pm 6/01/12 12:40pm

Can Urban Outfitters Save Itself? Maybe.

In a weird turn of events yesterday, I got the Urban Outfitters April 2012 catalog in the mail. They had never sent me one before and I haven't shopped there in ages. So okay whatever, I looked through it just because. » 4/17/12 7:00pm 4/17/12 7:00pm

One Million Moms in Danger of Crushing Their Pearls Over Urban…

Having failed to dislodge Ellen DeGeneres from her gig as JCPenney's pitchwoman, the hyperbolic organization known as One Million Moms has trained its wagging fingers on Urban Outfitters, whose latest catalogue features two women awkwardly kissing on only the second page. The Moms, predictably are outraged that the… » 4/16/12 9:00pm 4/16/12 9:00pm

Model Sues Agency for Not Telling Her She Became The Face Of Sally…

Bulgarian model Marina Asenova is suing her New York agency, MC2 (that would be the agency run by this guy), for allegedly pocketing the money from a job that came through after she'd left town. A rather big job, actually: face of Sally Hansen cosmetics. Asenova left New York to work in European markets in 2006, and… » 3/13/12 1:05pm 3/13/12 1:05pm

Teen Model's Lawsuit Against Urban Outfitters Will Proceed

Hailey Clauson's lawsuit against Urban Outfitters for allegedly printing her image on t-shirts without authorization will proceed. Clauson's lawsuit against photographer Jason Lee Parry was dismissed on procedural grounds, but where Urban Outfitters is concerned the judge found that there is a case to answer for the… » 3/12/12 12:45pm 3/12/12 12:45pm

Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters Over The 'Navajo Hipster Panty'

The Navajo Nation has filed a lawsuit against Urban Outfitters alleging breach of trademark and violations of the federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act. And so the infamous "Navajo Hipster Panty" and "Navajo Flask" will have their day in court. The Navajo Nation holds numerous trademarks on the use of its name, including… » 3/01/12 2:20pm 3/01/12 2:20pm