College Student Behind 'Hobojacket' Prank Apologizes, Jeopardizing…

One of the MIT students behind the non-hilarious idea to "prank" rival schools by giving homeless people clothing festooned with enemy logos (because get it? Poor people are worthless, just like USC) has had a change of heart and written a self-flagellating apology that's just about as sorry-sounding as an apology can… » 11/29/12 2:10pm 11/29/12 2:10pm

Gang Member Arrested in Murder of 7-Year-Old Chicago Girl Killed While…

Last week we were introduced to the tragic story of Heaven Sutton, a seven-year-old girl who was shot and killed while selling candy and snow cones outside her Chicago home. Well, now there's a small piece of good news in an otherwise very sad situation: Police have arrested and charged a 26-year-old gang member with… » 7/01/12 9:45pm 7/01/12 9:45pm

That Dumb Ad That Blames Your Friends For Date Rape Has Been Pulled

Remember those Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board ads about how if you drink too much alcohol and end up getting raped, you should blame both own drunk ass and your friends? Well, we weren't the only ones who thought they were stupid. After numerous complaints, the PLCB has taken the ads down. » 12/08/11 5:20pm 12/08/11 5:20pm

Principal of School Planning On Giving Kids Credit For Anti-Abortion…

After a swirling Canadian firestorm (blizzard) of controversy, the principal behind the controversial "Pray Against Abortion for Credit" push in Winnipeg's Christ the King school has been placed on paid leave. » 10/17/11 7:15pm 10/17/11 7:15pm

Who Paid $5.6 Million For Marilyn Monroe's Dress?

Marilyn Monroe's iconic "subway dress" from The Seven Year Itch has sold at auction for a whopping $5.6 million. The gigantic price tag exceeded the auction house's expectation that the dress would sell for about $2 million. » 6/19/11 3:55pm 6/19/11 3:55pm

Gabrielle Giffords Looks Happy, Vibrant In Newly Released Photos

Representative Gabrielle Giffords' camp has released two photos of the Congresswoman looking vibrant and happy just months after a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head. The pictures were posted on Giffords' facebook page this morning. » 6/12/11 12:00pm 6/12/11 12:00pm

Rutgers Voyeur Attempts To Get Record Expunged

Rutgers student Tyler Clementi killed himself after his roommate surreptitiously taped him having a sexual encounter with another man and broadcast it to other students on campus. One of those students was Molly Wei, and she's requesting that she enter a pretrial intervention program that would allow her to avoid a… » 5/01/11 11:45am 5/01/11 11:45am

Gabrielle Giffords "May Not Be Ready" for 2012 Senate Run

The New York Daily News crows that shooting victim/Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords now has full use of the left side of her body, but speculates that she "may not be ready" for a 2012 run for the US Senate. » 4/24/11 5:07pm 4/24/11 5:07pm

Congresswoman Giffords Reportedly Able To Communicate

Doctors attending Gabrielle Giffords say she can communicate. We've all got our fingers crossed that she recovers, and we continue to keep the other victims of the shooting in Arizona in our thoughts. » 1/09/11 12:40pm 1/09/11 12:40pm

Jezebel phone call update: 5. Jezebel text message update: 19:

Here's one: "Just for the record, I read Jezebel every day and I think this shit is pretty funny. It's a nice break from everyone trying to out-P.C. each other. keep it up, frizz-pube." Thanks, dollface! » 7/05/10 2:10pm 7/05/10 2:10pm

What If Yesterday's Teen Movie Characters Had Today's Technology?

When a sequel to Mean Girls was announced last week, I started thinking of all the ways technology has changed since the 2004 original, and began to wonder how various classic teen film characters would handle today's methods of communication. » 6/13/10 3:40pm 6/13/10 3:40pm

Yale Renders Aliza Shvarts' Art Installation Impotent

As much as some of us want the little performance artist who could bleed from her vagina, Aliza Shvarts, to just go away, we feel obliged to offer you an update on the controversy. The senior art exhibition went up yesterday, without Aliza's piece (which she claims may use blood from self-induced miscarriages), and… » 4/23/08 5:00pm 4/23/08 5:00pm

Yale: Abortion Art Piece Was "Creative Fiction"

So it turns out that Aliza Shvarts, the Yale student who said she impregnated herself only to abort her embryos using "herbal" methods several times over for an art project, totally pulled one over on everyone. (Well, everyone except Moe.) She didn't really get pregnant a bunch of times, and she didn't really give… » 4/17/08 7:45pm 4/17/08 7:45pm