Duke Fraternity Demonstrates Proper Way to Apologize For Being Racist

The fraternity responsible for throwing a party that encouraged invitees to dress like sexy Pilgrims and Indians has apologized for acting sort of racist. As an added bonus, they've reached out to the on-campus Native American student organization and refrained from calling for a round of high fives in the process.… »12/08/11 1:50pm12/08/11 1:50pm

California Woman Who Pepper Sprayed 15 People On Black Friday Turned Herself In, Refuses To Talk About it

The woman suspected of spraying fifteen people at an LA-area Walmart last week in an attempt to keep people away from the items she wanted has turned herself into authorities but was released pending further investigation after police say she refused to discuss the incident. »11/26/11 4:30pm11/26/11 4:30pm

School Told It Can't Offer School Credit For Abortion Protest, Not That They're Listening

The Catholic school that had planned to give students academic credit for participating in an anti-abortion prayer vigil has been told that the move isn't kosher by the Catholic educational powers that be, thanks to the public outrage the plan spurred. Protesting: sometimes, it works! »10/13/11 6:55pm10/13/11 6:55pm

Warren Jeffs' Condition Improves, Was Never In A Coma

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who had been hospitalized at the East Texas Medical Center in Tyler after refusing to eat, was transferred to a prison hospital in Galveston today after his condition was upgraded from critical to serious. Jeffs told prison officials that he was fasting, but wasn't on a hunger strike.… »8/30/11 11:26pm8/30/11 11:26pm

Rescued "Happy Feet" Penguin Returning To Health

Good news! The emperor penguin who strayed 3,000 miles from its home on Antarctica, to New Zealand — where he/she ate six-and-a-half pounds of wet sand, thinking it was snow — is reportedly doing much better. After we watched last week's bleak video of the lost penguin barely able to move during his rescue from the… »6/28/11 10:10am6/28/11 10:10am

Official Neighbor From Hell Is Still Cyberbullying Dying 8-Year-Old Girl

As you may recall, Jennifer Petkov was ordered to move out of her Michigan home after taunting Kathleen Edward, an 8-year-old neighbor who has Huntington's Disease, and trying to run over another neighbor. Now there are reports that she's violating her probation by sneaking into the home where her husband and children… »6/22/11 10:27pm6/22/11 10:27pm