State of Florida Sends Totally Weird Sex Survey to Thousands of Women

Earlier this month, the country rejoiced as Florida, America's dildo infection capitol and home of the web series Girls With Guns (pictured), was officially declared to no longer matter to national politics anymore. But that doesn't mean that the state isn't continuing with the sort of kooky shenanigans that earned it… » 11/26/12 5:40pm 11/26/12 5:40pm

Britain's Strumpets Offered Free Emergency Contraception this Holiday…

Shameless harlots of Britain can rest easily this holiday season: a British women's health agency is giving away free emergency contraception on Christmas and New Year's Day. Now, thanks to the efforts of the BPAS, any and all pregnancy related "12 Days of Christmas" parody songs can start with "On the first day of… » 12/06/11 3:35pm 12/06/11 3:35pm

Poll Shows Teen Unprotected Sex On The Rise

A new poll finds that teens in a number of countries are having unsafe sex in increasing numbers — and their reasons for forgoing protection are pretty depressing. » 9/26/11 6:50pm 9/26/11 6:50pm

Beware The Man With A Drug Habit And A Boner

It is, perhaps, one of those great mysteries of life and biology that when a man gets drunk, or stoned, or high as shit on coke and wants to bone, he often can't get his equipment to function in concert with his lowered inhibitions. For many men, this is often a sign that you should either: a) abuse substances… » 6/13/08 2:00pm 6/13/08 2:00pm

5 Things Every Female Virgin Should Know (And No One Will Tell Her)

The other day we were informed about a young man who didn't lose his virginity until he was in his 20s and created a website on which he writes really obvious — but also valuable — relationship and sex advice for guys who are inexperienced with women. I even learned something from his post about basic stuff no one… » 1/25/08 6:00pm 1/25/08 6:00pm