Madonna's Cameo on Miley's 'Unplugged' Was Beyond Uncomfortable

When news surfaced that Madonna would make an appearance on Miley Cyrus' western-themed 'Unplugged' set, I'm pretty sure we all collectively did a head tilt/grimace especially after Madonna's Grammys performance. As expected, the pop stars' mashup of 'Don't Tell Me' and 'We Can't Stop' is just uncomfortable and… » 1/30/14 11:40am 1/30/14 11:40am

Elderly Woman Crashes Internet In Two Countries

I've always assumed that frequent internet crashes were the result of my internet/cable provider plotting against me (Exhibit B: E!, and thus The Soup, just randomly disappeared from my cable lineup), but a recent story out of Georgia and Armenia raises a new possibility. Last week 75-year-old Hayastan Shakarian of… » 4/10/11 8:35pm 4/10/11 8:35pm