Did Mitt Romney Seriously Just Wear Brownface to Appear on Univision?

Last night, Mitt Romney appeared on Univision to promote his flailing candidacy to a group of Americans that pretty strongly doesn't like him: Latinos. But wait a gosh darn second — Mittens looked suspiciously, dramatically tanner and oranger than he normally looks. Could it be that his makeup artist was trying to… » 9/20/12 3:20pm 9/20/12 3:20pm

Tom Hanks Gives Impromptu, Dance-Filled Weather Report On Univision

Yesterday's episode of Univision's Despierta America featured an interview with Tom Hanks talking about his new movie. Each time he was asked a question that he couldn't quite comprehend, he kind of just ...danced it off. So, when his interview ended, he was pulled in front of the weather map and the show… » 6/22/11 10:50am 6/22/11 10:50am