The Rolling Stone Piece Would Have Hurt Sexual Assault Victims No Matter What

Last November, Rolling Stone published “A Rape on Campus,” a feature article detailing the alleged gang rape of a woman named Jackie at the University of Virginia. The article, written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, has since been discredited, and its implications have been far-reaching for journalists, sexual assault… »11/19/15 12:30pm11/19/15 12:30pm


Martese Johnson, UVA Student Beaten by Police, Files Lawsuit Against State Agency 

Martese Johnson, the 21-year-old University of Virginia student who was beaten and arrested by agents from the state’s state Alcoholic and Beverage Control (ABC) agency, filed a $3 million lawsuit against the agency. Johnson filed the suit in a Charlottesville court on Tuesday. In the complaint, he alleges that three… »10/20/15 11:00pm10/20/15 11:00pm

UVA Failed to Promptly Investigate Sexual Assault Claims, Feds Say

The U.S. Department of Education announced Monday afternoon that their investigation found that the University of Virginia has a “mixed record” in responding to reports of sexual violence and sexual harassment on campus. Among other things, according to a press release from the ED, UVA failed to promptly investigate… »9/22/15 9:30am9/22/15 9:30am

Dang: Could the Idea of Rape on College Campuses Mostly Be... a Myth?

Jackie lied and Rolling Stone fucked up so tremendously, and those stats about how many women “get raped” “in their lifetime” seem crazy, anyway—so shocking that, like the UVA lede, there’s something suspicious about the whole matter. No decent parent would even send their daughter to college if “rape culture” was… »4/09/15 11:10am4/09/15 11:10am

Fraternity to Pursue 'All Available Legal Action' Against Rolling Stone

The University of Virginia chapter of Phi Kappa Psi has announced it will pursue “all available legal action” against Rolling Stone magazine for its debunked and now fully retracted story about an alleged gang rape at the frat’s UVA house. In a statement, Phi Psi called the story “a sad example of the decline of… »4/06/15 1:30pm4/06/15 1:30pm

Review Shows Everything that Went Wrong in Rolling Stone's UVA Story

A team from Columbia University’s Journalism School has completed its review into Rolling Stone’s story about an alleged rape at the University of Virginia; their 12,000 word report says that the magazine as well as Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the reporter who wrote the piece, failed to follow “basic, even routine… »4/05/15 9:05pm4/05/15 9:05pm

UVA's Latest Nightmare: Bad Racist 'Satire,' An Even Worse Apology

In the annals of institutional fuck-ups, the University of Virginia’s 2014-2015 school year will go down as one for the ages, despite the fact that much of the painful unrest was initiated and heightened by outside entities: thirsty magazine writers, a joke of a tertiary police force. The student body, for the most… »4/03/15 11:30am4/03/15 11:30am

Charlottesville Police: 'No Evidence' to Support UVA Rape Allegations 

In a press conference this afternoon, the Charlottesville, Virginia Police Department announced that they are "unable to conclude to any substantive degree" that the gang rape allegations made by University of Virginia student "Jackie" and reported in a November story in Rolling Stone happened in the way that the… »3/23/15 3:30pm3/23/15 3:30pm

Rolling Stone Will Publish Review of UVA Rape Story in April 

A team of investigators from Columbia University's journalism school will soon release their review into Rolling Stone's controversial and highly flawed story about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia. Separately, police in Charlottesville, Virginia are expected to announce the results of their own… »3/23/15 10:10am3/23/15 10:10am

Two Fraternities Accuse UVA of "Unfairly Punishing" Greeks 

In the wake of the controversial Rolling Stone article,the University of Virginia issued a new fraternity operating agreement (FOA). The agreement, written by student leaders, outlines new restrictions for serving alcohol, including the elimination of pre-mixed drinks and punches. According to NBC 29, the FOA also… »1/15/15 11:55pm1/15/15 11:55pm

Alleged UVA Rape Vic's Friends: Rolling Stone Didn't Even Talk To Us

Over the past couple weeks, the Washington Post has done a thorough job blowing battleship-sized holes in the searing Rolling Stone story about Jackie, the woman who says she was gang-raped at the University of Virginia two years ago and now finds herself at the center of one of the gnarliest journalistic shitstorms »12/11/14 10:10am12/11/14 10:10am

Here's What UVA Students Are Saying About Rolling Stone on YikYak

Sabrina Rubin Erdely's Rolling Stone piece about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia was immediately incendiary, and the magazine's partial retraction feels much the same way. From a source in Charlottesville, here's a sample of what students at UVA are currently saying on YikYak, the anonymous gossip… »12/05/14 5:10pm12/05/14 5:10pm

'Law and Justice Aren't the Same': Interview With a UVA Rape Survivor

In the history of UVA, only 14 students have ever been found guilty of sexual misconduct. One of these cases was adjudicated in September 2006, while I was attending the school as an undergrad, and—though I didn't know it at the time—in class with the woman (who we'll call Kelly in this interview) who'd spent 10… »11/24/14 1:50pm11/24/14 1:50pm

UVA Student Says She was Gang Raped at Frat and Told Not to Report

A searing new story in Rolling Stone claims that an 18-year-old student at University of Virginia, whom they call Jackie, was gang-raped at a party at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house just weeks into her freshman year, then discouraged from reporting the rape by both her friends and the school. According to Jackie,… »11/20/14 11:10am11/20/14 11:10am