Accused Butt-Chugger Denies Putting Alcohol Up His Butt, Wants You to Know He Is Not Gay

As first reported via internet freakout last week, a University Tennessee student with alcohol poisoning ended up in the emergency room after, allegedly, a night spent butt chugging. For those of you who have not been following along, butt chugging is basically an alcohol enema; enterprising students supposedly shove… »10/03/12 12:45pm10/03/12 12:45pm


Attention, Butt-Chuggers: Please Do Not Put Alcohol Up Your Butt [Updated]

No, really, don't. Don't put alcoholic beverages up your butt. It's a shame that the state of campus binge drinking — which once upon a time was just a fine, longstanding tradition of respectable keg stands and historically significant beer bongs — has come to a point where this even needs to be clarified, but here we… »9/27/12 2:30pm9/27/12 2:30pm