Mizzou Completely Fails Athlete Who Killed Herself After Alleged Rape

According to ESPN's latest episode of their investigative series "Outside the Lines", the University of Missouri failed to investigate the alleged rape of one of their students, a swimmer, by another student, a star football player. The victim, Sasha Menu Courey, struggled with mental illness so severe that a year and… » 1/24/14 5:45pm 1/24/14 5:45pm

When Will We Stop Pretending That College Athletes Can't Be Rapists?

Mizzou basketball player Michael Dixon Jr. was accused of rape last August, but his charges were dropped due to "insufficient evidence," according to police, and because boys will be boys and she was clearly just a jealous slut who wanted his high-ranking D, according to popular belief everywhere. But this wasn't the… » 11/30/12 11:30am 11/30/12 11:30am