UMich Exhibit Celebrates 4000 Years of Reproductive Choice

University of Michigan is displaying an exhibition of posters by artist Heather Ault, all of which are dedicated to the long and storied history of abortion and contraception use by women. Exercising reproductive agency is a tradition that extends back 4,000 years, hence the exhibit's name: "4,000 Years for Choice." »3/27/14 6:30pm3/27/14 6:30pm

The Student Athlete's Guide to Not Raping Anyone

The college rape scandal du jour concerns University of Michigan football player Brendan Gibbons, and it's a tale as old as time: Entitled athlete's female friend says he raped her at a party. She considers pressing charges but decides not to after being intimidated by his teammate and more or less ignored by her… »8/22/13 11:20am8/22/13 11:20am

University of Michigan Senior Wants to Protect All You 'Princesses' from 'Hook-Up Culture'

It's hard to be a nice guy in today's perilous world, what with all of the ladies — sorry, "princesses" — you gotta protect from the savage dragon that is "hook-up culture." Or at least that's what University of Michigan senior Jeffrey McMahon is arguing in his response to a recent Michigan Daily article about… »10/10/12 7:15pm10/10/12 7:15pm

To Cuddle or Sleep, What the Hell Are We Supposed to Do After Sex?

Depending on the circumstances, falling asleep first after sex can be a gamble. You don't want to seem rude and refuse to snuggle, but also you are tired. And if you're not yet on a let-it-all-hang-out basis, you might be paranoid that if you fall asleep and start drooling, your efforts to seem suave and mysterious… »1/22/12 11:55pm1/22/12 11:55pm