University of Iowa Won't Explore Alleged Gender Bias in Coach Firing

University of Iowa has dug its heels in regarding the firing of Field Hockey coach Tracey Griesbaum, whose employment was terminated in August amid allegations of misconduct. She is one of five female coaches dismissed since 2009, but the school refuses to investigate an alleged pattern of sexist practices in its… »10/01/14 9:30pm10/01/14 9:30pm

University of Iowa Becomes First Public U.S. College to Include Questions About Sexual Orientation on Its Admissions Forms

Though the California school system considered doing it earlier this year, the University of Iowa has in fact become the first public university to start asking incoming-freshmen about their sexual orientation. University officials say that the optional questions about sexual orientation were included on admissions… »12/13/12 10:00am12/13/12 10:00am

Let's Not Fight for Equal Table-Dancing Rights

Twenty-one year old college student Jordan Ramos enjoys the same ill-advised things that her fellow University of Iowa students enjoy — going to bars in downtown Iowa City, drinking a little bit, climbing up onto things, and dancing on them while other people go "WOOO!" So when bouncers at a local establishment barred… »5/01/12 10:25am5/01/12 10:25am

Study Says Magazines For Black Women More Likely To Shill Fad Diets

The way "black" magazines and "mainstream" mags discuss diet strategies is very different, according a recent study done at the University of Iowa. According to a U of Iowa press release: "African-American women's magazines are more likely to encourage fad diets and reliance on faith to lose weight, while mainstream… »1/15/08 1:00pm1/15/08 1:00pm