Universal, E.L. James Sue Adult Film Company Behind Unimaginative 50 Shades of Grey XXX Adaptation

As far as I'm concerned, making a porn parody of 50 Shades of Grey seems kind of redundant (wouldn't you rather see something unexpected like Good Night and Good Fuck or Black Hawk Pants Down or I'm Argo-ing To Come All Over You?) but happened nevertheless: 50 Shades of Grey: The XXX Adaptation. And although the… »12/01/12 12:30pm12/01/12 12:30pm

The Future Of Female Comedies May Sit Squarely On Tina Fey's Shoulders

Despite the "Tina Feytigue" experienced by some media mavens sick of the writer/actress/producer's PhotoShopped face coming at them from the cover of every magazine, I am still deeply psyched for Baby Mama, the Fey/Amy Poehler vehicle coming out on Friday. The Los Angeles Times points out that Universal, the studio… »4/21/08 5:40pm4/21/08 5:40pm