Looks Like Uber Won't be Partnering with UN Women After All

Uber, which "seeks to create 1 million jobs for women as drivers" by 2020, won't be doing so in partnership with the United Nations anymore, it turns out, likely because of the negative PR the company has suffered in the wake of sexual assault and rape complaints. » 3/22/15 8:35pm 3/22/15 8:35pm

Six Women Die Daily as Murders of Mexican Women Reach Pandemic Levels 

Since 1993, hundreds of Mexican women have gone missing in the border town of Ciudad Juárez, in murders that have gone unsolved and largely ignored by the municipal government. But a new report from Al-Jazeera says that the Juárez murders are just one part of a worsening pattern of violence against women in Mexico,… » 1/05/15 11:10am 1/05/15 11:10am

Sudan Refuses to Let UN Investigate Reports of Mass Rape By Military

The United Nations has been trying for weeks to investigate reports that Sudanese soldiers raped over 200 women and girls in late October in the village of Tabit, North Darfur. A leaked internal UN report says the Sudanese military is deliberately making it hard for its peacekeepers to investigate the claims,… » 12/10/14 1:10pm 12/10/14 1:10pm

Poet Calls Out World Leaders in Stirring Speech on Climate Change

If you need yet another reality check on the very real climate changes issues we face, watch this video of Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner's wonderful presentation to the United Nations. » 9/23/14 6:15pm 9/23/14 6:15pm

ISIS Demands Genital Mutilation of Iraqi Women in Mosul

According to the United Nations, the radical Sunni Islamist group ISIS currently attempting to take over Iraq and Syria has demanded that those women and girls living in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul be genitally mutilated. » 7/24/14 10:00am 7/24/14 10:00am

Angelina Jolie Leads Biggest Ever Global Anti-Rape Summit

Today, Angelina Jolie kicked off an international summit that aims to address sexual violence in conflict zones. You know: real light, breezy stuff. » 6/10/14 12:05pm 6/10/14 12:05pm

Syrian Women Demand a Place in Talks to End Conflict

As fighting in Syria goes on, a 30-country delegation opened peace talks yesterday with a "testy exchange." But a group of Syrian women have come together to demand an end to their country's civil war, and a place in negotiations to implement peace there. » 1/23/14 10:40am 1/23/14 10:40am

A Quarter of Men in Parts of Asia Admit To Being Rapists

A massive new UN survey has found that in some parts of Asia, more than half of the men admit to forcing a woman to have sex. Throughout the countries involved in the research, one in four men admitted to rape. Congratulations, UN Rape Survey. You found a thing to make even 9/11 seem worse. » 9/11/13 2:15pm 9/11/13 2:15pm

U.N. Stands Behind Woman Suing Prada Japan For Sexist Discrimination

Provoked by the four-year-long lawsuit between Rina Bovrisse and her former employer, Prada Japan, the United Nations is backing Bovrisse and pushing Japan to introduce legislation to make sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace illegal. » 5/25/13 12:30pm 5/25/13 12:30pm

U.N. Says We Should Stop Being Pansies and Eat More Bugs

On the eve of "Swarmageddon," the name given to a cicada awakening 17 years in the making, the United Nations has released a report that highly recommends eating insects as a part of a healthy and balanced diet. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that many of the 1,900 species of insects that… » 5/13/13 5:00pm 5/13/13 5:00pm

Listen to Women Around the World Singing in Honor of International…

If you think the concept of International Women's Day is cheesy/problematic/[insert gripe here], you'll probably think "One Woman: A song for UN Women," described in a press release as "a musical celebration of women worldwide, featuring 25 artists from 20 countries across the globe" is corny, too. » 3/08/13 9:30am 3/08/13 9:30am

Hillary Clinton's UN Doodles Clearly a Window Into Her Innermost…

Birds do it. Bees do it. Secretaries of State hearing UN pleas do it. Yesterday, a photographer caught Hillary Clinton aimlessly drawing on her speech notes during a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East peace process. The situation is grim, shooting, suffering etc., but all of that starts to run together… » 9/28/12 12:45pm 9/28/12 12:45pm

Some Idiot Ships 30 Pounds of Cocaine to the UN Building

Somewhere there is a drug dealer who is really pissed that 30 pounds of his choice coke has gone missing. But if he wanted it so badly, he shouldn't have mailed it to the United Nations. The cocaine was sent inside fake diplomatic pouches, and ended up in the UN's mailroom last week. People there immediately… » 1/27/12 4:15pm 1/27/12 4:15pm

How Birth Control Can Bring Us Closer to World Peace

Sometime within the last day or so, it's estimated that the world's 7 billionth child was born. This child, like all children, was gestated in the body of a woman and like most children, is likely to be fed, bathed, and raised primarily by a woman. Whether the world that the child inhabits as he or she grows up is one… » 10/31/11 5:30pm 10/31/11 5:30pm

UN Recommends Everyone Stop Telling Women What To Do With Their Bodies

The UN recently issued a report that declares that countries that restrict access to either abortion or contraception are violating a woman's human rights. The report also declares it Officially Messed Up when a woman is prosecuted for taking illegal drugs or drinking during her pregnancy, because it's her body and… » 10/27/11 11:20am 10/27/11 11:20am

Six Ways To Look At The Global Status Of Women

The new UN agency for women has released a report on the progress of women worldwide. Despite the optimism implied by "progress," spoiler alert — it's all pretty terrible. But there are charts! » 7/06/11 3:35pm 7/06/11 3:35pm

But the overall percentages of women in the police and judiciary are still pretty pathetic. [UN/pdf] [Official Site]

What's Behind The Welcome Drop In Maternal Mortalities?

It's not often that there's good news for women's access to health care, but here's some: maternal mortality is down by one third since 1990. What did the trick? » 9/15/10 1:36pm 9/15/10 1:36pm

Dominican Prostitutes In Haiti: Prized For Their Light Skin, Patronized…

What does increased foreign presence in post-earthquake Haiti bring? Donated money, aid workers and increased U.N. presence, for sure. Also, Dominican prostitutes hoping to make a living off them. » 8/02/10 2:46pm 8/02/10 2:46pm

The Queen Of England Leaves Cryptic Message For Future Visitors

[New York, July 6. Queen Elizabeth ll signs the visitors' book before departing the United Nations headquarters. Image via AP] » 7/07/10 9:15am 7/07/10 9:15am