Future Gay Prime Minister A-Okay, Say British Major Party Leaders

What do Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Miliband actually have in common? They all think that Britain is ready for a gay or lesbian prime minister... And probably one that is bisexual and/or transgender, too! » 3/14/14 4:25pm 3/14/14 4:25pm

Scratch N Sniff Pot Farm Cards Will Help People Find Chill Neighbors

The UK drug-fighting non-profit known as Crimestoppers is sending scratch n sniff pot cards to entire neighborhoods — warning the recipient that if they encounter that particular smell, they need call the Beefeaters poste haste figgy pudding! Or, you know, go over with some snacks, and have a cool party. » 3/20/13 1:35pm 3/20/13 1:35pm

Falklands Newspaper Bitchily Calls Argentina’s President a Bitch

Long believed to be a mythical archipelago populated exclusively by penguins and three elderly British wizarding couples who all have tea together on Sundays and exchange potion recipes, the Falkland Islands recently proved that it is a very real and newsworthy place when one of the local papers, Penguin News, took a… » 2/12/12 2:30pm 2/12/12 2:30pm

Sorority Girls: America's Greek System Is Ready to Invade and Conquer…

Last night, TLC debuted Sorority Girls, a British show about a group of young American women who love the Greek system so much that they head across the pond to open Sigma Gamma, the UK's first sorority. Britain has been on a roll when it comes to reality TV lately (The Virgin Diaries, Desperate Scousewives, My Big… » 2/01/12 4:00pm 2/01/12 4:00pm

UK Women Won't Get To Have Medication Abortions At Home

When it comes to access to reproductive choice, the U.S. has few advantages over the U.K. Here's a big one: British women are denied the right to have medication abortions at home, forcing them to make two separate clinic visits and possibly experience symptoms in transit. Unfortunately, a judge recently upheld it. » 2/14/11 2:45pm 2/14/11 2:45pm

Ashley Dupré Is Not Your Average Prostitute

Lost in the coverage of Ashley Dupré's interviews with Diane Sawyer » 11/19/08 1:00pm 11/19/08 1:00pm and are a couple of small, likely hard-won tidbits of personal insight that Dupré probably gained from the therapy she is now in. First, that she ran away from home at 17 in mass of anger, confusion and self-destructiveness that included drugs and…