British Salon Owner Arrested for Announcing She Won't Book Any 'Muslin or Islamic Client'

A British beauty parlor owner named April Major has been arrested for a series of Facebook posts in which she announced that her fake eyelash emporium, Blinks of Bicester, would no longer book “Muslin” (yep) or “Islamic” clients. “Sorry but time to put my country first,” she wrote. »11/16/15 9:10am11/16/15 9:10am


Queen Elizabeth and Friends Did the Conga Through the Ritz on VE Day

On VE Day, not-yet Queen Elizabeth slipped out of Buckingham Palace and joined the festivities. Please enjoy this clip from a recent Channel 4 program about her evening on the town, in which women who came along reminisce about doing the conga through Piccadilly and down the streets of London then trooping into the… »5/01/15 8:40pm5/01/15 8:40pm

The Best Restaurant in the World Is: Disney's Epcot Theme Park

For the past year, Rich Juzwiak and Caity Weaver have scoured New York in search of the city’s greatest restaurant. This spring, the authors expanded their quest into a global hunt: the search for the Best Restaurant in the World. Due to time and budget constraints, it was determined that the most efficient method to… »4/30/15 12:25pm4/30/15 12:25pm

Time to Place Your Bets on What They'll Name Royal Baby 2 

Will & Kate's second child is due sometime next month. (She hasn't gotten any more specific than mid-to-late April and can you blame her? Pregnant women who aren't famous get pestered bad enough.) Which means it's time for folks to squander their hard-earned cash by betting on what the pair will name their new arrival. »3/24/15 2:45pm3/24/15 2:45pm

British Police Launch Search for Girls Who Fled London to Join ISIS 

On Tuesday night, three London schoolgirls left their homes and flew to Istanbul, Turkey. British authorities believe that the girls, Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and an unidentified 15-year-old, are traveling to the Syrian border where they plan to join ISIS. On Friday, British counter-terrorism police… »2/21/15 2:15pm2/21/15 2:15pm

Scottish Discover Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Are Confused and Horrified

Sir Brian Souter is a Scottish billionaire who made his fortune in buses, as well as an evangelical Christian and a "lay preacher." He's also helping to fund one of the UK's very few crisis pregnancy centers, one that focuses on "repentance" and "forgiveness" following an abortion. That's causing consternation in… »1/19/15 10:55am1/19/15 10:55am

Man Wakes Up from Coma Convinced That He's Matthew McConaughey

After six days in a coma, a 25-year-old from Birmingham, England woke up speaking fluent French and thinking that he was Matthew McConaughey. You know what I like about horrific traffic accidents, man? You almost stop getting older (because you could die) and you wake up as a famous American actor during peak… »12/22/14 7:15pm12/22/14 7:15pm

Activists Say UK Police Jail Rape Victims for 'False' Accusations

An activist group in the United Kingdom, Women Against Rape (WAR), is alleging that police in the UK have jailed 109 women in the past five years for making false rape allegations, while at the same time prosecutions against accused rapists have fallen dramatically. WAR says that many of the women convicted of making… »12/01/14 1:00pm12/01/14 1:00pm

Future Gay Prime Minister A-Okay, Say British Major Party Leaders

What do Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Miliband actually have in common? They all think that Britain is ready for a gay or lesbian prime minister... And probably one that is bisexual and/or transgender, too! »3/14/14 4:25pm3/14/14 4:25pm