Fallen Angel Axe Commercial Banned Thanks To One Pissed Christian

An Axe commercial in which lusty angels fall to earth, drawn by the scent of one random dude's body spray, first hit airwaves in February — but now it has been banned in South Africa. AdFreak reports that one guy, a Christian, complained about the ad, and deemed it offensive, "specifically over the idea that angels… » 10/31/11 3:20pm 10/31/11 3:20pm

Watch Stephen Colbert's Lesson on Playing to Women's Insecurities

On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert reported on Dove's recent launch of a deodorant specifically designed to make women's armpits more attractive. And while some may consider this a new low in the effort to exploit women's insecurities, Colbert saw a brilliant money-making opportunity. » 4/14/11 2:03am 4/14/11 2:03am

Axe To Put Its Masculine Stench On A Nightclub

This summer you can live like you're in an Axe commercial when the brand sponsors a Hamptons nightclub for the entire summer. Will ladies be as irresistibly attracted to the club as they are to dudes who douse themselves in the gross-smelling body spray? » 5/22/09 12:30pm 5/22/09 12:30pm

Dove Finds Women Give Elastic Definitions Of 'Beauty'

Do you ever like to imagine stories about people you see on the street? Dove asked female strangers to share first impressions of one another on video, and the results are strangely uplifting. » 1/09/09 1:00pm 1/09/09 1:00pm

'White Beauty' Has An Ugly Message

We've discussed skin-lightening in India before, but, according to The Independent, new skin-whitening commercials are igniting a "race row" in that country. The commercials feature three of Bollywood's biggest stars in a soap opera-style love triangle. The dark chick is dissed for a lighter-skinned woman, so she turns… » 7/10/08 12:30pm 7/10/08 12:30pm

Fake Beauty?

As mentioned on Monday, Pascal Dangin, the "the premier retoucher of fashion photographs," doesn't just work on Vogue. He also may have Photoshopped the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty. AdAge contacted Unilever, Dove's parent company, and so far they have stayed mum. But a a spokeswoman for the campaign's creator, Ogilvy &… » 5/08/08 3:20pm 5/08/08 3:20pm

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Dove, The Love-Your-Body Beauty Company

Yesterday, when we presented the new Dove commerical, Onslaught, we neglected to mention a few things. Luckily, blogs Feministing and Feministe reminded us of a few facts! For starters, while Dove can be applauded for examining the damaging effects of the beauty industry, its parent company, Unilever, is a major… » 10/02/07 11:00am 10/02/07 11:00am

Indian Women Whiten Their Skin, Fight The Patriarchy

Today's New York Times has a disturbing yet wholly unsurprising story about the expanding market in India for skin-whitening creams. Apparently global cosmetics companies like Avon, Garnier, Body Shop (?!) and Vichy (advertisement above) are taking on longtime market leader Fair & Lovely to cash in on the common… » 5/30/07 9:43am 5/30/07 9:43am

Dove Makes Earth-Shattering Commitment To Ban The Use Of Those Waify…

Nothing warms the cockles of our hearts more than when the owner of every leading ice cream brand (and also Slim-Fast!) decides to round out its offerings for the binge-purge demographic by inventing a new line of "firming" anti-cellulite lotions marketed under the auspices of aggressive self-acceptance. Unilever, the… » 5/08/07 1:30pm 5/08/07 1:30pm