Teen Harlotry Leads Catholic School to Ban Skirts from Uniform

Starting next fall, instead of jumpers and skirts, female students at a Connecticut parochial school will dress in khakis and polo shirts just like their male classmates. Weirdly, the group most upset about this is the parents, who seem genuinely distressed by the change— not because of any practical reason, but… »2/02/12 11:20am2/02/12 11:20am

Officials Haven't Decided If Female Olympic Boxers Will Be Forced To Wear Skirts in Competition

Officials from The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) nearly incited fisticuffs when they implied that the first ever Olympic female boxers will be required to enter the ring in skirts. But, calm down, Panicky Von Anxoius O'Feminista— they only might be required. Official uniforms for Olympic women's… »11/05/11 2:55pm11/05/11 2:55pm

Cheerleaders at the University of Idaho will be ditching their "skimpy" uniforms after fan
Cheerleaders at the University of Idaho will be ditching »9/23/08 9:40am9/23/08 9:40am their "skimpy" uniforms after fans complained that the outfits were too revealing. The two-piece uniforms consisted of a halter top and a short black skirt with white trim and was "similar to what an NFL cheerleader might wear." The new uniforms will have a less…