Cockroach Hitchhikers Leave Air Travelers Emotionally Scarred

AirTran Airways may take home this year's award for most innovative method of traumatizing travelers. Harry Marsh and his fiancee, Kaitlin Rush, are suing the airline because they say cockroaches scuttled out of air vents and carry-on compartments shortly after their flight from Charlotte to Houston took off. Rush… »11/14/11 9:30am11/14/11 9:30am

Man Pees On 11-Year-Old Girl During Flight From Hell

No matter what happens on your next flight, you should consider yourself lucky if you don't wind up covered in a stranger's bodily fluids. Yesterday during a flight from Portland, Oregon to New York, a father left his 11-year-old daughter in her seat while he took his other daughter to the bathroom. When he returned,… »8/11/11 9:34pm8/11/11 9:34pm

Southwest Apologizes For Booting Muslim Woman From Flight

The airline that kicked Kevin Smith off a flight for being "too fat to fly" yet allowed three children to fly to Nashville without their parents' knowledge is at it again — and now their incompetence has a racist twist! On Sunday, San Diego State University graduate student Irum Abassi was removed from a flight… »3/16/11 9:17pm3/16/11 9:17pm