Vogue Violates Its Own Underage Model Initiative for the Third Time

In May of 2012, Conde Nast international issued a six-point pact stating, among other things, that no edition of Vogue will work with any model under 16. The initiative got off to a bit of a rocky start — the August issue of Vogue China included Ondria Hardin, 15 at the time, in a group editorial; 15-year-old Sarah… »12/20/13 3:30pm12/20/13 3:30pm

Underaged Models Getting Lots of Work During New York Fashion Week

Council of Fashion Designers of America chief executive Steven Kolb says he is "disappointed" that Ford models reneged on its pledge to not put girls under 16 forward for runway work. He says that although the CFDA would "of course not" punish any designer member who used underaged models in a show, but that the… »2/14/12 4:40pm2/14/12 4:40pm

Tina Knowles Wants To Make Our Old, Fat Asses Look Bootylicious

  • Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles is designing a new clothing line, Miss Tina, for the Home Shopping Network that will cater to the older and more "full-figured" woman. "There's a forgotten woman who wants a pencil skirt, too, or a blouse that's a little lower cut," says Knowles, explaining the motivation behind her line. […
  • »7/10/07 10:05am7/10/07 10:05am