Is a Pervy High School Teacher Posting 'Sexy' Underage Students' Photos on Reddit?

Sometimes it's hard to muster the energy to get outraged about every truly awful thing that happens in this crap rainstorm we call life. But other times, something comes along that's so bad, so egregious, that it renews my faith in my ability to be disgusted by things. Today's outrage-restorer: the curious case of the… »9/19/12 4:05pm9/19/12 4:05pm


Brave 'Hebephile' Stands Up For Right To Fuck Teen Girls

Isn't it natural and normal for adult men to want to have sex with teenage girls? And aren't we being unfair to them by prohibiting them from doing so? These are questions you'd be likely to see on Reddit, but this week they've been addressed to Scientific American's new advice column. And our favorite science writer… »12/23/11 4:10pm12/23/11 4:10pm