Drunk Children Love Watery Beer and Candy-Flavored Liquor

So, everyone knows that kids start guzzling whatever intoxicants they can get their hands on as soon as they're old enough to process angst. It's a confusing time—friendship bracelets one day, recreational cough syrup the next. If you could ferment teal embroidery thread into some sort of syrupy beverage, that would… »2/19/13 6:00pm2/19/13 6:00pm

Mom Goes Out Drinking with Her Four-Year-Old Son, Is Promptly Arrested

A woman in South Carolina is simultaneously facing child negligence charges and has become a darkhorse candidate for more permissive mother in America for allegedly giving beer to her four-year-old son at an Irish pub just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, which coincidentally will host the Democratic National… »8/29/12 9:30am8/29/12 9:30am

Christina Aguilera To Bring "Dirrty", "Beautiful" Babe Into The World

  • Christina Aguilera is in the family way! Just like with a genie in a bottle, her husband rubbed her the right way. The baby-making way. [E!]
  • Isaiah Washington's verbal diarrhea of the day: He now says Patrick Dempsey is to blame for his spewing of hate speech. [ABC News]
  • R.I.P Beverly Sills. And big thanks to our Intro…
  • »7/03/07 7:15pm7/03/07 7:15pm