CPAC Releases Suggested Dress Code: Don't Get Caught in Uggs, Leggings, or Rompers

MAJOR FASHION CRISIS: this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) starts tomorrow, and I still have no clue what to wear to meet my idols Donald Trump (who still hasn't responded to our Miss USA expose, btw), Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin! Whatever shall I do?! »3/13/13 10:25am3/13/13 10:25am

Ready Your Smelling Salts—Ugg Boots Might Be Going Extinct

Terrible news, sorority girls of 2003. Despite the heroic efforts of Tom Brady and Andre Leon Talley and the ghost of Newlyweds-era Jessica Simpson, the once vaunted Ugg boot is swirling down the crapper posthaste. With profits down 31%, it seems unlikely that the company will be able to limp along for too much longer. »11/01/12 6:15pm11/01/12 6:15pm

One Middle School Makes the Brave Decision to Ban Uggs

Starting tomorrow, students at Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania won't be allowed to come to school wearing their Uggs (or any fuzzy, open-top boots, for that matter). No, the boots have not been banned because they cause sluttiness, and it's not by order of the fashion police either. The school has forbidden… »1/29/12 8:00pm1/29/12 8:00pm