People Reportedly Wore Blackface to 'Kanye West' Themed UCLA Fraternity and Sorority Mixer

Black student groups at UCLA are understandably unhappy after reports leaked out of a predominantly white fraternity and sorority that held a “Kanye Western” themed mixer. According to the student paper, guests wore “baggy clothes, plumped lips and padded bottoms, or as “Kardashians.” »10/08/15 9:15am10/08/15 9:15am


Faked Data In Study About Same-Sex Marriage Is Ruining Lives

The question of whether gay proponents of same-sex marriage have lasting sway with those who are against it has always been interesting. And recently, a study was published in Science that suggested that, yes, canvassers who have a personal stake in a political cause do have an impact. The problem? The data was likely… »5/26/15 11:10am5/26/15 11:10am

Racist UCLA Students Won't Stop Posting Signs Calling Asian Women 'White-Boy Worshipping Whores'

On Tuesday, a sign that read "asian women R Honkie white*-boy worshipping Whores" was found taped to a Vietnamese Student Union sign. Charming. The very next day, a creepily hand-scrawled "Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts" was posted in the women's bathroom of Powell Library. »11/29/12 9:30pm11/29/12 9:30pm

The Pseudo-Science Behind Dating Websites Is Total Crap

Like Love Potion no. 9, a decent film adaptation of Infinite Jest, and passable meatless bacon, the notion that a dating website like eharmony can utilize user-entered data to precisely and scientifically predict future relationship potential is a quixotic myth willed into being by our stupid dreams and kept alive by… »4/17/12 1:15pm4/17/12 1:15pm

One small victory for the beleaguered women of Hollywood: writer Jennifer O'Kieffe of UCLA took the

One small victory for the beleaguered women of Hollywood: writer Jennifer O'Kieffe of UCLA took the top honors in this year's Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards for her screenplay Sex and Sylvia Plath. Recalling strains of Mrs. Robinson, Sex is "a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who loses her virginity to a boy… »10/30/07 12:45pm10/30/07 12:45pm

As Computers Diminish In Size, So Does Their Feminine Ideal

How times change. Take this image from a recently-released archive at UCLA showing a computer-created rendering of "Miss Formula", the 'perfect female'". Published in the LA Times in July 1964, "Miss Formula"'s curvaceous (and presumably, life-size) ideal has, of course, morphed into something a little more boyish and… »5/15/07 4:20pm5/15/07 4:20pm