VH1's Sorority Sisters Reality Show Gets Two Sisters Booted From AKA

Following their appearance on VHI's much critiqued Sorority Sisters reality show, two members of the African-American sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha have been suspended for a year and a half. This never happened on MTV's Sorority Life—Go UCDavis!—or did it? » 1/09/15 11:50am 1/09/15 11:50am

Dude, You Might Be Able to Get a Degree in Coffee

Get your snide remarks ready because UC Davis is mulling over a new major focusing on … coffee. Yes, coffee, the stuff that drives humans to doom and mania if they don’t get their fix first thing in the morning or that crucial hour in the afternoon. As alma maters go, I’m glad mine is front and center on this,… » 3/14/14 6:30pm 3/14/14 6:30pm

UC Davis Chancellor Says She Won't Resign After Horrific…

After police brutally pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters at UC Davis on Saturday, almost 50,000 people signed a petition asking university chancellor Linda Katehi to resign. And students held a silent vigil to protest her press conference yesterday. Nonetheless, Katehi told George Stephanopoulos today that she… » 11/21/11 11:30am 11/21/11 11:30am

Female Wrestlers Score Title IX Victory, Kind Of

Ten years ago, female wrestlers Arezou Mansourian, Lauren Mancuso and Christine Wing-Si sued the University of California, Davis for, they said, violating Title IX in offering equal opportunity to female athletes. Today, they got their ruling, a mixed one in which both sides claimed victory. » 8/04/11 6:25pm 8/04/11 6:25pm

Student: University Admins Cut Sports Teams So They Could Renovate…

A group of UC Davis athletes are protesting their school's decision to cut several sports teams — they claim administrators chose to spruce up their own offices instead. » 3/15/11 1:10pm 3/15/11 1:10pm

Class Invited To Vote On New Mom's Grade

A female student had to miss class at UC Davis's veterinary school in order to give birth. So her professor allowed the class to vote on her grade. » 1/14/11 9:40am 1/14/11 9:40am

Academic "Explains" Why College Men Hear "Yes" When Women Mean "No"

The most commonly used statistics about sexual assault and American college women show that 25% of female college students will be sexually assaulted; U.C. Davis professor of communication Michael Motley believes that at least some unwanted sexual contact is due to misunderstanding on the part of men — which he calls… » 4/24/08 9:30am 4/24/08 9:30am