Uber Touts Relationship with MADD in a Desperate Bid for Good Press

Following their oh-so-generous decision to cap surge pricing during the blizzard that sorta wasn't, Uber continues to present themselves as a company that cares by publicizing their relationship with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (and President Obama's close confidant David Plouffe). People, they are your good… » 1/28/15 11:30am 1/28/15 11:30am

Uber Helpfully Give Passengers Tips on How to Not Get Raped

In a move that swiftly and decisively bit them in the ass, ride-sharing company Uber has released a "safety checklist" for their riders, which may as well be titled "Not Getting Raped By Our Drivers is Your Responsibility, Ladies." Available for now only in Boston and Chicago, it's almost staggeringly half-assed.… » 1/02/15 1:50pm 1/02/15 1:50pm

Chill Bro Very Angry That He Has to Pay Uber the $100 He Agreed To

How many emails have you received from Uber this week? Despite not having used the service for months, I got about five and they all said one thing: New Year's Eve is going to suck if you want a fast and cheap ride home. But one dude is so angry that he agreed to Uber's prices that he's calling out the company for… » 1/01/15 3:00pm 1/01/15 3:00pm

Uber Updates Safety Regulations After Alleged Rape in India

Earlier this month, Uber came under fire after a woman in India was reportedly raped by an Uber driver. The incident sparked protests, and the Delhi local government banned all Uber services as well as other unlicensed taxi app services—Uber itself suspended its own operations in the city while reviewing its… » 12/28/14 1:00pm 12/28/14 1:00pm

Boston Uber Driver Charged With Kidnapping, Sexual Assault

A Boston Uber driver has been accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a young woman earlier this month, the umpteenth time an Uber passenger has reportedly been assaulted recently. Alejandro Done, 46, is charged with rape, assault to rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery. He's accused of driving his… » 12/18/14 3:50pm 12/18/14 3:50pm

Uber Exec Proposes Smearing Female Reporters Who Criticized the App

Uber's competitors, regulators, and drivers can take a breath. The company, which believes it is worth $25 billion, has a new nemesis: reporters who don't follow the puff piece protocol. A top Uber executive suggested hiring opposition researchers "specifically to spread details of the personal life of a female… » 11/18/14 10:02am 11/18/14 10:02am

App Debt: How Kim Kardashian and Uber Will Bankrupt Us All

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the celebrity role-playing game from the Seinfeld of reality stars, is currently the fifth most popular free iPhone app on Apple's charts. It's also the fifth-highest grossing. One analyst predicted revenue of $200 million this year. But how many of the fame gamers that put it there have any… » 7/30/14 5:17pm 7/30/14 5:17pm

In Saudi Arabia, Where Women Can't Legally Drive, Uber Is a Hit

In Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world where women legally aren’t allowed to drive, Uber is a godsend. The app, which pairs drivers with passengers, has proved itself quite useful to ladies who were previously unable to get around town without their husband or a male family member at the wheel. But it's far… » 2/28/14 2:00pm 2/28/14 2:00pm

Uber's Cat Day Promotion Leads to Mass Kitty Love Shortage

In honor of National Cat Day, the taxi-hailing app Uber teamed up with I Can Has Cheezburger to offer the cuddliest of promotions — a kitty delivery service. For $20, you could have an SUV pull up to your location bearing gifts of kittens AND cupcakes. While customers only got 15 minutes of playtime with the cats,… » 10/29/13 6:00pm 10/29/13 6:00pm