Uber Driver Threatened to Rape and Kill San Francisco Passenger 

Uber is yet again facing questions about its safety standards after a San Francisco woman documented voicemails and phone calls from a driver who threatened to rape and kill her. In a first person account on SFist, Eve Batey recounted the violent threats of one of the company’s drivers issued after he was unable to… »10/17/15 12:45pm10/17/15 12:45pm

Man Poses as Uber Driver, Attempts to Kidnap Student

I get scared when I am walking home at night because I am a girl who is bad at punching who also looks like she is bad at punching. So, I am grateful that Uber exists to protect me from the outside world. But now you can’t even trust the people you are inside the Uber with you because sometimes they are the kidnappers. »9/09/15 5:15pm9/09/15 5:15pm

Uber Took Nearly a Week to Give Police Name of Sexually Harassing Driver

On April 30, a 31-year-old New York woman took an Uber home around 2:30 a.m. from her DJ gig on the Lower East Side. The woman, who we’re not identifying by name, says she fell asleep in the car and awoke to find her driver caressing her face. The woman says the driver then jumped in the back of the car and tried to… »5/06/15 5:00pm5/06/15 5:00pm

Philadelphia Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped By an UberX Driver

A Philadelphia woman told Philadelphia police she was raped by an UberX driver on February 6, who then drove her around for nearly two hours, refusing to let her out of the car. When Philadelphia reached out to Uber for comment, the company was unaware the rape had occurred. That was 40 days ago, and the driver's… »3/24/15 3:00pm3/24/15 3:00pm

One Way Taxis Still Beat Uber: When You Want to Fuck in the Car

There are moments when your desire to do the dirty overtake your desire to do so in a private environment. And if you're like enviable New York hipster journalist Rachel Rabbit White, you'll do it in a cab, on a slab, in the park or in the dark. But you won't do it in an Uber. Because they suck for spur of the moment… »3/05/15 4:00pm3/05/15 4:00pm

Uber Touts Relationship with MADD in a Desperate Bid for Good Press

Following their oh-so-generous decision to cap surge pricing during the blizzard that sorta wasn't, Uber continues to present themselves as a company that cares by publicizing their relationship with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (and President Obama's close confidant David Plouffe). People, they are your good… »1/28/15 11:30am1/28/15 11:30am

Uber Helpfully Give Passengers Tips on How to Not Get Raped

In a move that swiftly and decisively bit them in the ass, ride-sharing company Uber has released a "safety checklist" for their riders, which may as well be titled "Not Getting Raped By Our Drivers is Your Responsibility, Ladies." Available for now only in Boston and Chicago, it's almost staggeringly half-assed.… »1/02/15 1:50pm1/02/15 1:50pm

Chill Bro Very Angry That He Has to Pay Uber the $100 He Agreed To

How many emails have you received from Uber this week? Despite not having used the service for months, I got about five and they all said one thing: New Year's Eve is going to suck if you want a fast and cheap ride home. But one dude is so angry that he agreed to Uber's prices that he's calling out the company for… »1/01/15 3:00pm1/01/15 3:00pm